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Plant problem. Need help


Humble Helper
🤠H2O2 comes in several different strengths: 3%, 5%, 8% and 35%, also sold as food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. The most economical is 35% which we recommend be diluted to three percent before using. When working with food grade H2O2,
Three percent Hydrogen Peroxide may be added at up to 3 ml's per liter (2 1\2 tsp. per gallon), but it is recommended that you start at a lower concentration and increase to full strength over a few weeks.
Example: How much 3% H202 should I add to 7 gallons of nutes?
1.28*7/3=2.986 Oz's each day. what to do if you think you already have root rot
Use peroxide water with an anti-fungicide and a high Phosphate fertilizer (9-45-15, 10-52-10, 0-60-0) for additional root growth. Or any other product with rooting hormone dissolved in it is helpful in re-growing roots and is strongly recommended. Water heavily until liquid pours out the bottom of the pot – this method helps flush out stagnant dead water and replaces it with fresh highly oxygenated water. Don't let plants sit in trays full of water, the soil will absorb this water and stay too wet. Don't water again until the pot feels light and the top inch or two of the soil are dry:worried:
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Thanks for the update @Vpark :) It may be the angle but the pot looks a bit small for the plant size, next run use something bigger and it will give you less headaches. Out of interest do you add any vermiculite to your medium?


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Hi guys
So I have been watering with hydrogen peroxide added to the nutes solution
And it seems to be working.
There are still some spots development
But at a much slower rate
Thanks for all the advice.
your plant is looking pretty good it seems to have pulled out great job. sorry haven't been around couple weeks.

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