Plant problem - seedlings stretching and drooping


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No, avoid it, its safe for edibles but how safe it is for something we smoke and inhale I can't be sure, also the manufacture of chemical fertilisers is not good for the planet.
If you want to grow the finest quality medicine go organic, I'm not talking expensive organic ferts from the grow shop, just cheap organic Fish Blood and Bone etc. Some of the best priced dry fertiliser you can buy your side of the pond that ticks all the boxes is this stuff:
  • Ingredients: Fish Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Rock Phosphate, Langbeinite, Greensand, Humates and Kelp Meal
You get 6lbs for $13.99, this will last you a very long time (years and years) if kept sealed in a tub and has all of the main ingredients you need for success. To apply it, simply top dress your soil by sprinkling 5-6 tables spoons of the dry fertiliser over the soil surface and water it in, there is no simpler way.

The secrets to success:
  • Good dry fertiliser (organic)
  • Dolomite lime mixed through your soil mix (approx 2 table spoons per bucket)
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Plenty of perlite and vermiculite in your mix (25% perlite and 15% vermiculite)
If your making up a new soil mix or recycling some of your old mix, add around 8 table spoons of the dry fertiliser per bucket, 2 tbsp of Dolomite lime and use mycos in the planting hole.
Do that and you will have a very easy ride and you will be blown away by the growth rate 🌴

Why organic?
No ph testing or management necessary
No measuring of liquids
The best tasting natural medicine


Organic Fanatic
Some of the organic miracle grow soil is not bad at all. But yes, you're right to stop using the fertiliser, get some of the Natures Own organic fertiliser I recommended instead, you'll be very happy with the results :)