Plant problem - seedlings stretching and drooping


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Veg stage = growing the plant = min 18hours light 🌖
Flowering stage = producing buds = 12hours light / 12 hours complete darkness 🌓
I'd definitely recommend you read some of the guides in the Resources section of the site, there is also a decent introductory post stickied in the indoor grow forum ;)
Any questions just shout! :)
the guides are really good here. well selected, relevant fault proof if you follow the instructions.
good old @Sunshine always helps out.
Def read the guides. take note of watering , buy good soil. boi bizz is what i recommend. all mix. mixed with perlite 70% compost 30% perlite
im a lazy grower this fault proof mix serves me well every time , that and a Mars Hydro you got yourself a mean bit of kit.

Looking forward to seeing your jars full,.
Idk what my plant is but i would like to grow some that ik what it is do u know where i can find seeds to buy
you get a discount here for Fire seeds from the strain supermarket.
Also if your interested in some freebies of my genetics im sure FC will send you some if you order from Strain supermarket. Look out for blue mystic and fire cookies. Anything Sunshine recommends.


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How much water do i need to use per plant ik it says seedlings dont need much water but bigger plants do so howmuch is too much water for bigger plants im still waiting for my female plants soil to dry out on the top before i water her again but just want to know about howmuch water to water my female


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Wait until the pot is lighter not just dry on the top, it can be dry on the top and still water logged at the bottom so this isn't a good indicator.
Get one of these, it's a soil moisture meter and will help take the guess work out of watering 💧
For your pot size a litre of water a time should be fine, the most important thing is to let it dry sufficiently between waterings 👍


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Yes, while it's possible to grow without drainage holes it's not something I'd recommend for a new grower, go ahead and make some drainage holes ;)
Don't let the soil dry to the point it's like a desert but to the point the pot feels light, with a moisture probe wait until soil goes down to 4 on the scale at the bottom of the pot then water again :)