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Organic random seeds

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Organic random seeds


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thanks sunshine i do have a problem now fucking thrips seeing they are now in flower just going to have to ride it out 🤔
Wow look at them little bastards, have u tried neem oil, insecticidal soap ? Get them outside, spray ur plant with some water with hose not to strong to knock them little bastards of the leafs, put some neem oil, get those sticky traps going everywhere. Hope your able to get it under control. Looks like an infestation best of lucks.


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dogonet moose you sound like a Canadian anyways 420BOSS yes neem oil works real good and it is organic you will have to add a real mild soap with it oil does not emulsify with water but with soap it does get a pump sprayer so you can get under the leaves also spray top of soil and it leaves no taste in your buds. my wife said any ways good luck
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