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WANTED Rate your trades here


I don't believe I made a bad trade but a temporarily screwed up mail system between Canada and the US. I'm not making any trades for a while which is sad because I have some nice strains and my Thai seeds are almost ripe. I'm not sending good seeds into the black hole.
I had a successful trade with Sativa Kid. Very generous & Sativa I will if you like be sending you some of your stock as a Christmas present? That was always the idea. There is an island in Canada that Canada post asked licenced producers LP. , to a lot of us to not send meds to people as they crossed into U.S. before reentering Canada & huge medical orders were seized. Time for federal legalization was prior to 1927.


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SativaKid you accidentally put your address in forum! Alpha is there a way to delete our mistakes? I haven't figured one out only edit title?
🤠yes you have an edit button to re edit your quote or you have a delete button to get rid of all of it on each page your choice of use :mask: - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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