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OFFERED Regular Seeds CBD Jack X Landrace

Sativa Kid

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This strain was planned to be a special anti-inflammatory high THCV strain with a CBD boost. It appears to be a good medicine and was a pleasant smoke also. Nice sweet smoke with a minty pine flavor. I test grew one female and the weed was good, probably 16% THC and 6%CBD. After curing I vaped a couple times and was pleasantly surprised as it had a nice pedestrian buzz, energizing a bit with a nice mild relax to follow. Very strong anti-inflammatory with a mild expectorant made great butter.
Regular Seeds
Parents : Landrace Thai X CBD Jack
40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Size : Medium
THC : 13% to 17%
CBD : 4% to 7%
THCV : Very High
12/12 Time to Completion : 8.5 Weeks

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