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Rotterdam Coffee Shops - a different vibe

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Rotterdam Coffee Shops - a different vibe

Having been to Amsterdam numerous times over the years, being one of the only places in Europe that us 'tokers' are accepted (I use the term loosely), decided to try out Rotterdam for a change of scenery and to see something new.......

Researching before going there proved fairly limited, as there were virtually no menus online and the only ones i could find, were so blurry, you could barely read them. I've since found out the reason for this, being that all the 'coffeeshops' have no camera signs and most, had some burly looking security guards enforcing this.

Flight prices being almost identical and cost of accomodation, pretty similar, distance from Schipol airport, just a touch further, but when you're on a heated train with wifi, who even cares.

Upon arriving in Rotterdam, we first went to check out Sensi Seeds coffeeshop, as i'd been told about there mix bag for 12 Euros, which would provide a fairly decent (and low cost) backbone of schmoke for our few days there. So grabbed a bag of that and decided, that because there was nowhere to sit and smoke there, we'd need to go somewhere we could sit and smoke before checking in.

On to the next place, this time we bought some Bubblegum, but again, you can roll it here, but you can't smoke it here, was the answer we got, at this point we started wondering if every coffeeshop/dispensary in Rotterdam was going to have the same vibe, basically, buy your shit and go away 😷

Suitably baked and ready to check in 🙃 we found our hotel and it was time to search for the elusive white rhino of the coffeeshop scene, somewhere you could actually sit and have a smoke!!!

On a dudes recommendation, we found a place called Coffeeshop The four floors, see third image (with lots of other bits in the photo's), theres a couple of weed counters and a goods selection, a vending machine selling fizzy drinks and a little coffee machine (which sometimes works), for your hot drink needs. Upstairs in this place, we found to be pretty decent, just loads of tables and chairs and its right by the canal, so a window seat is pretty good here and also very well ventilated if you wanna get a proper blaze on. Only one thing, if they see you with other peoples weed in there, they will tell you not to smoke it. The trick we found here, once you've already bought a couple bits from there, just keep the little plastic boxes and put your other chron in there and noone would even know.......

Overall, Rotterdam was an amazing place to be, but only if you've already done Amsterdam a few times and feel like a change, if I had never been to either and wanted to choose between the two, i'd probably choose Amsterdam, purely because it was a bit more weed friendly and just an easier time to be able to sit and smoke in lots of places.

Happy holidays if you're going to Rotterdam, its awesome, just tried to give an honest account of the city I saw from the (red, nearly closed) eyes of a toker 😀
See below, a beautiful bright Autumn day, bumbling around Rotterdam City, jays in pockets and smiles on dials 😎

Some pretty awesome graffiti on the side of a house

A dog statue and his little brass poop

The Markthall (large food market) full of stalls selling all sorts of dutch treats, its like being a kid in a sweet shop when you're blazed and you walk in there

Then, when you run out of time and have to make those death defying leaving joints.......


Organic Fanatic
Excellent write up and pics 👍 it looks like it's changed a bit since my trips.
Which was your favourite coffee shop in the end and what was the best weed/hash you had out there?
Those finishing up joints look packed! 🔥😵
Did you go to finding Nemo (used to be Sensi Seeds coffee shop)? is this place still open? it used to be great (both versions) back in the day.
Unfortunately, the rumours were true and Nemo was gone 😩 Sensi is still there, good selection of weed, but just a place to buy, no chance to chill there.

As for the herbs, my mate got some pretty insane Bubblegum from Coffeeshop Witte de with, everytime he opened the bag you could smell it a mile off and over all the others. I got some lovely Amnesia Haze from Popeye (bit of a stroll, but takes you past loads of the city sites on the way. As for the hash, we had some lovely chocolaty Afghan from Four Floors and at 5 euros a gram, you can go ham and stack some very tasty jays 😲

Merry Christmas and a Hashy New Year 😎


Organic Fanatic
@Midnight Toker it's a shame about Nemo used to be a good shop, from what I hear recently they got in a spot of bother with the authorities for having a lot more stock than is permitted so I think they lost their license.
Good to hear the Sensi smile is still going strong.
The Bubblegum sounds lovely haven't smoked any bg for over 10 years, it's definitely on the strains to revisit list.

@CrimemasterGoGo Amsterdam is a funny place, they don't really take much care about the quality of the weed (production is completely unregulated) or customer service, they have a unique way of making you feel not at all at home. Basically they want your money and want you out and they make no effort to disguise the fact.
If you're thinking of visiting europe you will get better quality in either London or Barcelona.
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