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OFFERED seed trade looking for regulars


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I want to make a seed swap with someone. that will ship using a bubble mailer. and like a DVD case or centrifuge tubes to protect the seeds. So chances will be much higher they won't come rotted or crushed. Im going to ship them in the same way. So you can get safely packaged seeds also.

I only want to trade for 100% regular seeds nothing feminized. Not feminized parentage genetics lines or anything please. Try to provide is much information is possible. I will too open to any information I have or can get for you. To give me a better idea what to expect. Please be honest so these seeds swaps can be fun and joyful experience for everyone. depending if you got a badass variety. We want to make this a fair share. I know there's some really sought after strains. So I may trade for more of my seeds for less of yours. It just all depends, til both traders feel it's fair. Another consideration feminized are more expensive than regular. Any suggestion varieties are welcome I will consider. I want to trade 10 early candy regular bred by stranger seeds. in Italy from Europe. An 2 gorilla glue bred by seed stockers feminized and 1 Afghan kush feminized bred by world of seeds. Thank you
Trainwreck reg
Lemon kush reg
Sweet tooth reg
Purple kush reg
GDP reg
Ghost OG reg
White or red dwarf reg
Lowryder # 1 & or # 2
Skunk reg crosses
Northern lights reg
Aj sour diesel reg
Purple haze reg
Kush reg crosses
green crack reg
BlackBerry kush reg
Afghani # 1 reg
White nightmare reg
White widow
An other suggestions welcome

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Mitchell and I did a seed swap 🙌 YAY! This is my very first time doing a seed swap with anyone. I love freecannabisDot we're going to show how our seeds come. If they come safely packed each of us for y'all to see how it turns out. And to encourage more seed swaps here. An show y'all how fun seed swaps can be on here. It takes two honest seed traders to make this fun and work out. If y'all say your going to send out seeds be sure you follow through an great communication is important. We want this to be a happy trade off for everyone happy growing.