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Aug 29, 2017
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🤠 will be looking for it hey is it OK if i use this its cool:mask:

Sure neighbor! I have no ™ or ® or ©
I only have this "BONGHOLIO™".
🤠is that what you call a BONGHOLIO did you trade mark it??? :mask:
Naw, not yet. Looks cool !. I'm going to soon L.W.. That's been a little retirement plan for some time now. I can't bust my ass too much longer, climbing up 200' stairs just to tie a rope to me so I can crawl out over the edge just to black out. "Boys in tha hood". You'd have to be there to understand.or Do what I do to understand. Which I ain't done for 4 yrs now. It paid my bills, my wife's bills, and her boyfriends bills untill I found out about him. But when I'm 89 in a wheel chair, I can always grow and sell. That plant has been in my life before I became a man. Imma going to die with that plant still around me. Ya gotta love this government. Outlaw a plant. Greedy Bastards only putting $$ in my pocket. . all the peeps in the USA that think it's legal. Wake up .they probably won't. They could if they wanted to. Just don't fuck with the men in black. They make the rules as they go!


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Oct 7, 2018
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🤠BIG NEWS I have received a few request for my seeds i still have a good supply TexasAfghanKate i can still give 10 of them but my Kates cheese i will have to go down to 5 but i still have a few of Guptilla and i will repeat all my seeds are regulars and the BIG NEWS IS I AM GOING TO EXTEND MY FREE SEED GIVEAWAY TO END OF JULY 1 2021 as long as the health holds up the mailing is still the same Thank you all :mask:


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Jun 18, 2021
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🤠I have some free give away seeds to be given away Texas Afghani Kate Ans Kates Cheese 5 each total 10 seeds they are regulars male and female but i have no stamps to mail them PM me for instructions on how to get some if you really want some remember the self addressed envelope must have 2 stamps on it for USA 3 for Canada or outside USA 1 stamp will not do cause of the weight of corrugated plastic (( i also have some Guptilla i can trade with.)) :mask:
Good Day, are you still offering free seeds? I'm looking for sativa seeds????


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May 27, 2021
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I'm looking for sativa seeds????
Durban poison is pure sativa,there is an member showing love(giving you free seeds)with some Durban. Not too sure if he wants his business all out in the open,check seller's and trade again you will see his add,don't see your envelope to pm you tho.