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Announcement Shout out to Reznfingees’ Island Sweet Skunk cross


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Thanks Rez for the slinky seed drop last year! Ran an open greenhouse grow of the Island sweet skunk x (afghani x skunk)F1 cross-regular photoperiod. .

Started 6
All popped and survived - excellent viability

Grew the 6 to maturity and had 3 males and 3 females-perfect sex proportions

Females were easily identified before preflower due to their size and structure- preflower confirmed I correctly identified them.

Of the 6 - one had 9 leaflets-2 more leaflets than the other 5 plants. And this was a female of very small stature.(I call her the niner) .

Stem smell test -all were super strong skunk odor (the so skunk strong make you puke)-the niner had a much sweeter smell like that of a tropical resort garden in full bloom-like smelling a rose up close and it’s so overpowering it smells like poo poo poo (snoop)!

The niner was kept and the other 5 were culled.

It was cropped twice for 10 top notches and Lolly popped several times to 3 top nodes until starting to stretch indicating the onset of budding-outdoor greenhouse grow.

Stretch she did. From 3 feet to 7 feet with 3 satalite branches per notch and 18 long top colas!

this pheno ended up with the awesomest smell profile and unbelievably overpowering island smell. I was repairing my fence 30 feet away and would dry heave when the oder drifted my way.

The end result
-ready in mid October
Dense buds -equal to an indoor grow
The best bud to leaf ratio-almost no trimming needed.

No mold or powdery mildew on this one! Resistant

Smoke is incredible. Skunky island sweet sledgehammer scent. You pull away with wrinkled nose after cracking the jar.

Final product is frosty dense, smokes just as you would expect from the smell. Retains Oder perfectly after curing.

So strong. Just sit the f down and enjoy the ride. Syco -heavy-relaxed-overpowering if not taken seriously.

This was the prize plant of the season

I just smoke this now. I’ll smoke the others when I run out of this.

Future- nothing to do here. self the niner for S1 feminized seeds (1000s of seeds) and grow it every season. I don’t keep clones.

The niner is in the front left and she caught up to the others.


Not done stretching yet

All stretched out now

Not ready…patience
No leaf!

Dang…so close-glassy trichomes786EB1E3-AFAB-48FD-9F0C-AE8C2AE54EB1.jpeg

It’s harvest time for some. I gave it another 5 days and chop chop dry 6C7C7C0B-02E2-4C3F-B66A-27B6F4FB6ABF.jpeg

Dried and cured. Just pulled off the fan leaves.



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Omg all I can say I wow. You nailed it Thc . Such a well detailed grow. I appreciate the kind words in regards to the cultivar and am so glad it worked out for you. Have lots of beans if you need more any time bro . You’re an awesome person
For sure, but they might be a little too stanky for me. I did grow an Island Sweet Skunk plant recently and the smell was mild which I enjoyed. One of my favorite buzzes ever too, like a warm hug
Agree about the warm hug feeling. Quite cozy weed indeed. And yes. This cultivar is stanky. Neighbors told me they could smell it from the street when they walked by my house. Wife hates it so much I may not be able to grow it this year. Haha. We will see.
It does rock! Just hittin’ it now. Daaaaang…I grew two verified genetics this run and this niner is cream of the crop.

I do have quite a bit of experience with selecting good phenos. I’m sure I just get lucky. I’ve seen a lot. Always pick the one that has one or more capitate-stalked trichomes on the first leaves -catyledons.

Won’t ever do you wrong.

Rare-very worth preserving.
Oh yea. I’ve been doing this awhile. I don’t keep clones right now.

From my other breeding programs I have found when you have a noticeably different pheno structure, such as nine leaflets vs seven leaflets, you can select this recessive pheno 1:5 to grow out and it will be quite stable. And if it’s good, like the niner, then you can easily pheno hunt for what you know Is good.

This is why the ISS x Afg x sk cultivar interests me. Observable differences during the early veg cycle and predictable outcome when smoked. Predictable Potency, structure taste density resistance nutrients ect.

Thanks Rez for speeding up my breeding program.

Selfing will most likely lead to 50/50 niners and non-keepers. A ratio I can tolerate.

I’ve grown some other cultivars ppl have created on this site and this one is all good.

Natea-capitate trichomes