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Spice mix fruit bowl dank mix grow log


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Well here I grow again, I am no rookie at this but here is the second cycle for this year. I am starting a few "known" strains for example: fruit bowl,spice mix,dank mix, some feminized girl scout cookies, and something I am calling the Colorado medical mix. I have set them to germinate today. My technique is simple,wet a paper towel place seeds in towel put the towel with seeds in a ziplock and park them in the garage where it is warm and dark. I will check them tomorrow evening after I get back from the day job. I have used green light rooting solution a fertilizer at an extremely low ratio of 1 tsp per gallon of water. The directions on the bottle says 3 1/2 tbsp. Per gallon but experience has taught me that is just too hot for this task. The water is plain old R.O. from a famous retailer. Just tried to upload photos got a file size error I will resolve that and post up my pics