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Spice mix, fruitbowl log.


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Hey guy's just a little update. Me and my x were firing a lot. At least she wanted to. She was cheating. Police showed up next day , she was going crazy and nieghbors called cops. She was mad. And told police about grow. I wasn't smoking. Stayed clean for job. I was doing it for her. Cop didn't care about the little grow. I pulled anyway. Left her in Longview and went back home to Houston. My brother was living there rent free for many yrs. while I was outta town. He had sold all my stuff I left there. And started stealing my tools so I ran him off. He called police and said lies and I was arrested. While in jail he stole everything. 6months later and all my $ I get out. Was looking at 35 yrs forage. Assault w/ deadly weapon. Couldn't even go home cause they put peace bond on me. I finally ran him off and got my place back. But that's all I had. A place. . 5 months later just starting to see daylight at end of he'll tunnel. Bumming rides to get paycheck, driver got pulled over, dropped some dope on the floorboard and told police he say me do it. I'm clean, hairtest clean well 6months later and now a felony drug conviction, and everything stolen again I got out in Sept '19. Just now starting to breath again. Sorry @Sunshine , life got very fucked up for me. I'm back!. Got lowlife outta my life. Except for unemployment I'm doing great. They trashed my place- unlovable. I've converted my tool shed into my home. Got seeds and doing a grow. I've got some good seeds sunshine if you'd like to look at my list and see if there's any thing you might want, I'd be glad to give you anything you want. That's the least I could do for you brother. You were very generous to me and I let you down.
Black lotus f2
Black lotus x Hollyweed
Bog Bubble
M99 (c99 x c99) Sebring seeds
Oregon Huckleberry
Blue Oaxacan X Blueberry
Temple of Apollo
Grand Daddy Purpl x Krazy glue
In the mail, should be here today r tomorrow

Please pick out some and let me know

I have some landraces . rareones coming in the near future. I'll let you know when I get


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Nothing to apologise for my friend, I hope things continue to get better for you.You don't need to send me any seeds but it's a very kind offer, I have way too many seeds as it is and only so much time/space to grow them out. Sounds like you've got some great strains coming your way, I'm looking forwards to seeing them come to fruition :) Oh and welcome back, it's great to hear from you!


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A little peek at my work. It's got a diary on another site. I'm germinating some Blue Oaxaca x Blueberry. I'll do a diary here on it.
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Been allmost 2 yrs between last try and this one. Had problems with mix, worked it out. Birds haunted me then, and one ate a seedling yesterday. If they only knew I like deep fried birds. To be honest tho, my inexperience with popping seeds and organics has been my worst enemy.
#9 is one tough surviver.
#14 one lucky little seedling. Didn't like indoors, loving outdoors. Hasn't become bird food.
#16 got ate.
#s 17 and 18 scared to death, somebody been talking bad about me to them. They think they're next. I've learned many many things between #1- #18
Bagseed been outside since day 3. About a month now. 2 freezes, several nights in the 30s. It's loving it.
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O.k. now you got me thinking. Damn you!✌. Wasn't keeping log, or records. Found pic of package on delivery day. Aug 16. Spent night in fridge, day in jar, 2 days dirt, thats 4 days . on 21st showed up to play. Day 1. So i guess i lied. 11 days old today. Please don't make me think like that again.✌✌✌✌. Just joking. Now i gotta do log on this one. Naw , pic here and there.
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