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tent vs custom cab



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So I'm about to start my very first grow and would like to know whether it's best for me to make a custom cab. I have lots of wood from work I could use for free or just buy a tent from amazon and be done with it

I'm only looking to grow 2 ounces or so at a time nothing major league


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It's a bit of a toss up between the two really indigo76. The main benefits of the tents are that they're extremely easy to erect, have all the vents etc and hanging points for filter and lights ready to use, they can also be packed away quickly and easily and stored away.
To grow 2 ounces you wouldn't need a massive cabinet, something like 2w x 1d x 3h would suffice and would be an easy build. An old free cabinet from craigslist could easily be adapted or even an old fridge or fridge freezer :)
Stealth wise the custom cab may be better for you as a tent is what it is and can't easily be disguised unless of course you have somewhere under the radar to put it.
Lighting wise you might want to consider off the shelf store bought led's select the 9w+ bulbs, the 13w ones are ideal. With just 4 of these and a decent strain you can pull 2oz+ with very little power used :idea:

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Iv tried both, I used white paint in my homemade cab for reflection but i personally prefer my tent because its easier to take apart, maybe with a good design a cab would/could be better