The Aghori - Cannabilism and Cannabis


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These guys have some fascinating ideas/practices! It would be interesting to have a smoke with one but it could literally cost you an arm and a leg :laughing:
@yazad have you ever come across one of these chaps? What do you know of them?


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aghoris are a TYPE of sadhus,
they practice rituals called as "tantrik widhi"
widhi means procedure. but here ritual.

one of the ritual of aghoris is to eat human flesh. wich doesn make them TRUE man eater as they eat TINY AMOUNT, RARELY for the sake of the coustom.

i have not seen a tantik before.

PUSHPAK,KUMBH are the largest human gathering possible and there one can see many such vivid persons.

more imp. sadhus come from all over the india so collecting seeds from every sadhu would make us very rich in terms of strains.


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Thanks @yazad very interesting indeed :)

I was reading the wiki page earlier

This article is pretty interesting too..
Bizarre: Sex rituals of Aghori Sadhus

An article on Aghori from another site (probably sensationalised?)

15 Extraordinary And Amazing Powers Of The Aghori Sadhus From Black Magic!

Aghoris are the sect that are devotees of Lord Shiva and are known for their unusual practice to worship their god. The most Mysterious things about Aghoris are that they are said to practice Black Magic and it is said that it comes from various practices like eating the dead, meditating in Shamshan etc.

Why do They remain Naked, Do Black Magic, Physically Satisfy Themselves in Strange ways! Know the real world of “Naga Sadhus”!

It has been a mystery about the powers claimed by the Aghoris. Also, it has been debated if the powers claimed by the Aghoris are real or not but if you see someone practising such activities then a sense of fear comes in the mind what if these powers are real. Whatever it may be but millions of devotees believe in them and regularly worship them for their powers. If you want to know in detail about the powers of the Aghoris then keep reading on…..

1. Powers from Sexual Activities

Powers from Sexual Activities

Abstaining of sex is considered to be one of the methods to reach god in Hindu culture but Aghoris have a very different approach. In Shamshans, taboo sexual activities are practised by Aghoris. That may even include having SEX with DEAD BODIES! (Necrophilia)

Know the Journey of Becoming an Aghori!

They believe having sex in the midst of dead bodies gives rise to supernatural powers and the sexual act takes place while drums and beaten ad mantras are chanted. They make sure that no women is forced to have sex with them and also that the women must be menstruating while the act goes on.

2. Cannibalism in Aghoris

Cannibalism in Aghoris

Aghoris are known for their weird eating habits. The weird eating habits include eating DEAD CORPSES in the Shamshan. As weird as it may sound but it is true. They eat the corpses either by eating them raw or cooked on the burning pyre. It is said that eating the corpse gives them supernatural powers that can bring them close to Lord Shiva.

7 Places in India where Black Magic is Still Practised!

As weird as it may sound but their favourite ground for prayer is the Shamshan where the dead are burnt.

3. Meditating on the Eaten Corpses

Meditating on the Eaten Corpses

Aghoris consume corpses only in a certain quantity. Once they believe that they have eaten enough to come closer to their god, they then start meditating by sitting on the half-eaten corpses.

10 Terrifying Human Cannibals Who Brutally Killed People And Ate Their Flesh

They say that by doing this they can talk to the divine powers of the world and seek answers to things like the life beyond death and many other things!

4. Black Magic of Aghoris: Calling the DEAD!

Black Magic of Aghoris Calling the DEAD!

The Aghoris are devotees of Lord Shiva and Maa Kali. They perform various rituals and are said to even perform black magic! They say that this gives them the power to heal. They say that because of this, they abscond the diseases in their bodies but they do not use Black Magic on anyone to harm them.

The Dark Magic Powers of Aghori Sadhus!

It is said that it gives them the power to talk to the dead! They perform many such rituals in the Shamshan in the night and talk to the dead! They also cover themselves in ashes while doing so.

5. The Tantra of the Aghoris

The Tantra of the Aghoris

The Aghori involves in a lot of sadhana and tamasic rituals that make their practices quite difficult to follow and understand. They are not even tantric. They are beyond all these and much more powerful at times.

The Aghori believe that Lord Shiva is the one who is responsible for all that is happening around us. He is the one who controls all the conditions and effects. This is why even death and dead bodies are perfect and they must be accepted and appreciated in some form. If we do this we will be able to appreciate the sacredness of life and its manifestations.

6. Ashes of the Dead on their Bodies

Ashes of the Dead on their Bodies

They clothe themselves with the shroud of a corpse or clothes left by the family of the dead, smear themselves with the ashes of corpses as a protection from diseases. They believe that ashes of the dead will protect them from any atrocities.

It is also believed by them that covering themselves with ashes give them the power to communicate with the dead. This way they can easily see what happens after the death of the people.

7. Aghori Squash Dead Humans to Extract OIL!

Human Oil from the dead as Medicine!

The Aghoris claim they have medicines that can treat some of the most stubborn diseases such as Cancer and even AIDS. This may shock you but the medicine they use is made from the dead! They extract Human Oil from the dead body burning from the pyre and use it as a medicine.

Though it can never be tested because of ethical grounds by the doctors but no Aghori is ever seen ill! Can this medicine be a reason?

8. Drinking from Human Skull to perform Magic!

Drinking from Human Skull to perform Magic!

Once initiated, the Aghori goes in search of a human skull or ‘kapala’, which is a real sign of an Aghori, to be used as a bowl. It is believed that after death, the prana or life force of the deceased clings in the top of the skull.

Using mantras and certain offerings, especially alcohol, an Aghori sadhana summons the spirit to return to the body, and gaining control over it, harnesses its services.

9. The Secret of Aghoris: Why do they Live away from Civilisation?

Secret of Aghoris Why do they Live away from Civilization

Aghoris generally live in the rural places and many times in dense forests and in the extreme Himalayas. They can be seen in the harsh deserts of Rajasthan. They survive even in those conditions where it will be very difficult for normal humans to survive.The Aghori do not bother about what society feels about them and they live secret lives without any intention to get social recognition.

They, however, are said to live away from the society and in caves because they perform black magic there. The Aghori goes into complete darkness and lives there till they get self-realisation. It is not uncommon for them to live in haunted houses and they often use the ghosts and the spirits for healing.

10. The 5M Protocol of the God

The 5M Protocols

There are the five protocols of Aghoris through which they perform magic and reach to the Nirvana. They are:

Madya – Wine (which means a heavenly fluid which drips from the glands of human brain.)

Mamsa – Meat (swallowing the tongue)

Matsya- fish (twin-fish an ‘8’ shaped structure which forms a part of the backbone)

Mudra- parched grain (positions of Kundalini yoga, followed by Aghori ascetics)

Maithuna- Sexual intercourse. (should be learnt from a Sriguru)

11. Avadhuta Gita: Holy Book of Aghoris

Avadhuta Gita

The Aghoris also have a sacred text or holy book that contains all their teachings and beliefs. This book is called the Avadhuta Gita. The book specifies that Baba Keenaram was the founder and the Adi guru of Aghori tradition. The book also justifies that Lord Shiva spent most of his time in cremation ground doing sadhana and the Aghori just follows this. Lord Dattatreya also became a disciple of Baba Keenaram and started to learn Aghori traditions.

12. Using Marijuana to Reach to Nirvana

Using Marijuana to Reach to Nirvana

Marijuana is now famous in India as ‘Baba ka Prasad’ because it is used extensively used by Aghoris to reach to the Gods.

It is believed that no Aghori has ever abstained himself from smoking Marijuana. When under the effect of the drug, the Aghori perform chants and mantras to please gods. The delusion and hallucinations provided by Ganja are taken as religious ecstasies and heightened spiritual experiences.

Some people have claimed to see them under its influence and then performing black magic to reach absolute Nirvana. However, It is not confirmed if the Aghoris were under the influence or the people who witnessed it but one cannot deny the magical powers of the Aghori.

13. Left Way to Reach God

Left Way to Reach God

While the whole world follows the right way to reach god, these sadhus proudly assert that they follow the ‘left way’ to reach god which is far quicker than the former. According to them, true godliness lies in seeking the ‘purity in the filthiest’. One of those sadhus says they are true Aghoras if they were able to concentrate on god while performing the most perverted acts such as necrophilia, necrophagy and Coprophagy. To mention, the right ways to reach god include veganism, sanctity and abstinence from lust according to Hinduism.

To mention, the right ways to reach god include veganism, sanctity and abstinence from lust according to Hinduism. This is why Aghori have powers that no one has.

14. Everyone is an Aghori!

Everyone is an Aghori!

Aghoris are devotees of Lord Shiva. They say that when a human is born he is an Aghori it’s the society that changes him slowly. For example, a baby will play with toys as well as in his filth he has no discrimination between the two. It is the parents who teach him or her to differentiate between the two.

The kids are born fearless and they are innocent it is the world that makes them otherwise. The Aghori is basically trying to make people realize that all that we have made around us is an illusion. We must go back to our original form that is Aghori and if we follow them then everyone can have the same power as them!

15. The Famous Aghori: Trailanga Swami

The Famous Aghori: Trailanga Swami

Trailanga Swami is hailed as very powerful by the people of the locality. Records say that he was slapped and driven out of the Kasi Viswanath temple by a priest when he was worshipping and performing a puja on the sculpture of Lord Shiva using his own excreta. History says that Lord Shiva himself appeared in the dream of the local king of Benaras and complained about the insult meted out to Trailanga Swami, and also revealed that the swami was an incarnation of his holiness himself. The priest was also found dead mysteriously, later.


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hi folks, not directly linked to agyhoris but i want to share a "tecnique" of preparing cannabis before smoking it is " rubbing the flower with making it little damp, rubbing and rubbing" then filling it in the chillum or cigarates.
we all know that we shdnt touch the flower much as tch would be wasted by sticking around.

but despite this theory.

the indian way wich is rubbing it makes us high with LESS material.

i always used dry flower not touching it much only grinding. i had to use 3 cigarates to get buzz..
but by the INDIAN METHOD it takes just 1


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This is very interesting @yazad, why do you think this tradition started? How do they damp it and why?
When you say rub it, do they rub it together with the tobacco, or just rub the weed itself?


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i dont know why it started, maybe because tobacco is rubbed like this with lime stone and put under the lip as a form of tobacco consumption.

they damp it with a drop or 2 of water.
why is unknown but can be having roots by copying behaviour of seeing some one rubbing tobacco.

some mix tobacco some doesent. but most do as it ignites better..

i personally dont like it as tobacco kills.

i never liked damping too but when i tryed i found it to be much more effective and smooth on throat.


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If it's a youtube video it's easy, just click on the icon above where you type that looks like camera film it's to the left of the plus + icon and looks like this ;)


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