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Nov 1, 2021
Hey all, I'm new to the site, not new to growing.

I joined hoping to find other UK growers, I'm trying to either join a community or start 1, of UK growers.

I'm in my 40's, in the Midlands, growing in and out. I make hash using either dry sift or fresh/frozen with my washing machine and bubble bags (frenchy tech) and I also have a rosin press, which has not had anywhere near the amount of use it should have. I only have 1 indoor tent currently, but plan to change that shortly. I'm personally an indica man.

I'm currently growing 2 BCN Critical xxl autos and have girl scout cookies, wedding cake, runtz, purple punch and purple lemonade all autos waiting to go next. I also have 1 zkittlez and 12 pinkman goo photoperiod seeds, and yeah, you heard me right, I have pinkman goo!!!! (If you're unfamiliar with pinkman goo you need you YouTube that NOW) Also if anyone wants I have about a thousand Caribbean landrace seeds, not sure which island exactly they're from tho, sorry, happy to trade or just give some away I have that many.

Due to the legalities of growing in the UK I've always kept things on the quiet, but recently I've been thinking the law might actually change, even if its for no other reason than some politician works out how much it'll boost the UK economy. I really don't care about the reason, the point is I think there's the smell of change in the air.

As such I'm trying to connect with other growers locally, by locally I mean the UK. I live on my own, I don't know anyone else who smokes in my personal life and I don't have anyone to talk to about these types of matters. I know there's thousands of people like me knocking around and I guess the point of this post is to say hi, I'm here, anyone else???

I imagine like myself anyone here watches all the American and Canadian videos on YouTube with a kind of bitter sweet outlook, on the 1 hand I love all the content we're getting and to see them loving life under new legalized status is just brilliant. But on the other hand it's so frustrating as we still have to sneak around in the shadows.

Anyway, before this turns into a whinging essay, if there's anyone in the UK, wants to get chatting, say hello


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Oct 7, 2018
🤠 Great plants and Buds sorry not UK here am in Texas USA but a friend on here lives in UK we do have a lot of UK members on FC so hang in their they will come. i have a Ring just like that but not a pretty hand like that mine is old and scuffy but that bud is fantastic what is the strain? glad you are on FC like i said i am not in UK but would still like to be a friend. 🧙‍♂️