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Review Unpaid Member Review : Alphatoy


Hello Cannabis Friends!
If your looking for seeds i would recommend alphatoy as a great place to start. I was impressed at how fast the seeds arrived and how they were packaged. The seeds arrived in a sturdy manila envelope with addition bubble wrapping. Each strain was clearly marked and were in individual plastic cases.

Here are the strains i received
  1. Blueberry X Stinkbomb ( Blue Stink )
  2. Blueberry Afganhi ( Blue Ghani )
  3. Oddball

For this review i am using different soil medias to see how each strain varies from indoor to outdoor. As well as from fox farms ocean forest ( outdoor ) to coco core ( indoor ).

I took 2 seeds of each and let them soak for 27 hours in warm water and in a dark area. When i inspected them i saw tails on both the blue stink strains and the blue ghani, however nothing on the oddball. I have been through this before and i know some strains just don't pop in the cup, but will after placed in soil. If they fail , i will try again as alphatoy was nice enough to send a few more of each.

I placed 1 seed of each in the coco core, and 1 in the fox farms cups. When the fox farms get about 4 to 6 inches ill take them out to the garden, while the coco core will stay inside for the grow season. My goal here is to compare these and their counter part in height, color, weight of yield, and overall growing differences.

When placed outdoor they are going into raised garden bed so the roots will have plenty of room to stretch, while the indoor are in 7 gallon pots under my led.

Ill update this review as the seeds grow all the way up to harvest.

So in closing, i thank alphatoy a great deal and will add him to my list of preferred seed sources!



Humble Helper
🤠Thank you seeds2need for the nice wright up you can also thank sunshine for he helped me get started a few years ago to where I could start a small seed bank glad to hear the blues are taking off now the oddball I myself have not grown any myself yet they are from mbnmv trade he himself has done pretty great with his oddballs they might just be slow starters so I wouldn't give up on them yet good luck and keep us posted on the grow Thank you Again :mask:
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Update : Blue Ghani was first up and showing above soil, and i can see it pushing up in the coco core. 1 Odd ball ( in the coco core ) has pushed up out of the soil. Waiting to see on the fox farms cup. Now waiting for blue stink to show above any , but they had tails when placed. Will post pic updates in a few more days! Were sown on 5-28-2020. - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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