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usa will grow in india


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hi, am so thankful that new button has arrived to make new posts.

i really appreciate the effort.

so last to last night i met a elderly guy who i was introduced by a friend after much of a converse we exchanged SEEDS WE HAD.
it was like gift and return gift.

he has a small land where he says he cultivates one or two plants for his own consumption. he is a nice guy basically.

so he promised me that he will cultivate 7 plants from the seeds i provide.

now what i want is DONATION of atleast 3 diff strains of USA may it be sativa or indica so that we can cross it with LOCAL INDIAN strains. and i will send back that hybrid seeds to USA.

if some one is intrested in the project they can donate us the seeds.
i will keep this website updated about how the growing is goinh with pictures :)


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I got a lot of crosses like Blueberry, Kushes, Dutch types etc..figure I would give them away instead of just sitting in the vault. I’m after land race strains. I want to preserve and make my own strains from the ground up. Recently made a Vietnam Black x Talk of Kabul (Afghan).