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Vacationer Releases Cannabis Strain With Cherry Kola Farms

The band Vacationer has released a cannabis strain named after their latest studio album, Mindset.

The Philadelphia-based band teamed up with Sonoma, California’s Cherry Kola Farms, which is known for cultivating small batch craft cannabis. Vacationer frontman Ken Vasoli said the strain is a combination of three others, Headband, Pineapple OG and Banana Kush.

“My collaboration with Cherry Kola Farms is a complete dream turned reality,” Vasoli said in a release. “I’ve been a cannabis advocate for all of my adult life. Now I’ve been given this chance to tailor a strain of marijuana with experts of the craft.”

The Mindset strain is currently exclusively available at Zen Healing in West Hollywood and will be hitting additional stores in California later this month.

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[source: / published: December 4. 2018]


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