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Vegging for 5 months?

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Vegging for 5 months?


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hey, soo i plan on vegging for 5 months. the main reason is i don't have a choice. my area is cold now and if i turn the lights off my temp dips to 40 degrees. so i have to veg thru the winter season. I'm on a boat and technically my grow area is under water so i have to deal with water temperature on the outside of the hull. has anyone here vegged for an extended period of time? and what's a good root or soil temperature?


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Hello @Kelth1 and welcome to FC! 👍
Ideall you'd insulate or heat the grow area to maintain ideal temps, night time 60f+ day time 77f+-.
You can get several different types of cheap insulation material from large hardware stores, this would be my first port of call aswell as getting some kind of small heater in there. You could also look at getting a heat mat, these are typically used for young plants but could be useful in your situation.
Got any pics of your cab? Seeing it might help generate some more ideas. Good luck and keep us posted! 🌞


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I'd say if possible build you a wood frame with like 2 by 4s and a plywood base with like the top frame is lid to open an close. An staple or Velcro dot some clear plastic around the whole frame. Im unsure if you have electricity on a boat but a heat matt would be perfect for the cold nights like sunshine said. To keep them warm. The plastic will protect against rain during flowering stage. On the sea. Where there's water could imagine rain hitting them alot. An you can order stealth dwarf autos from strain super market. On here, some will be ready to harvest in only 75- 90 days.They grow like 1- 2ft an would fit comfortably in a miniature frame greenhouse on a boat. I could imagine space being a issue on the boat also. Im going to build a mini frame greenhouse. To grow some stealth dwarfs in half gallons. In like a 2 1/2 foot tall greenhouse is all you need for short stuff dr feelgood. It's a shorty very cool to see a timy cute little plant
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