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When the unthinkable happens...

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When the unthinkable happens...


Organic Fanatic
Three things spring immediately to mind 🤔
  1. the time I got up forgot my bong (grace glass) was on the floor, got up and walked and kicked it across the room by mistake (broke it in half) 😭
  2. the time I dropped my favourite glass spoon (from amsterdam) on to the heavy glass top of a mason jar smashing it into 1000s of peices 😣
  3. the time someone told me the police were at the door of their house so I flushed an oz of particularly nice aurora indica down the toilet, it turned out to be a charity collector 💩


Every day I'm Wrangling
I've broken the inside of a bowl by cleaning it with an Allen wrench 🙄 it was a beautiful triple blown glow in the dark spoon. I also dropped a double blown scoop onto a hardwood floor after dry hitting resin out of it until it was red hot which is why I dropped it 😂
Once I gave my buddy the only bong I owned at the time for his bday, and after he set it on the table he stretched in his chair and knocked it right off the table. He only owned it for a couple hours, and I had it for years. It was okay though, me and his gf got him another the same day 🎂
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