OFF TOPIC Where Have Our Voices Gone?

Ras Mountain

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Jul 9, 2020
Hey everybody, I just wanted to vent and thought, what better outlet than here. My family lives here. Surely we are still alive, aren't we?

Anyway before I get into the meat of the discussion, I must first caution that it may seem to have little to no relationship with Cannabis or the Growing hobby, but serves as a platform for unrestricted discussion about a simple question. A question which I find I've been asking more and more each day. This question, "Where have our voices gone?" Is also the title of our thread.

I want to avoid the saboteurs, informants, deceiving media outlets, and most of all boot lickers who think everyone ought to just obey and follow the rules because they're rules, not because it's Right or Wrong.

I want THINKERS. All free souls and brave hearts welcome. Let's see if we can get some work done together without raising bitterness. We are not like the rest of the Internet here, are we! šŸ˜…

Now back to the topic at hand, it seems if I want to hear a living person's voice today I have to read an archaic book or dig and dig through content that hasn't yet been censored then sift through all the filth and misdirection to get to anything of Substance. That or else have a visit with the Village elder. There don't seem to be many of those left, either... None at all in large Cities.

It seems it is up to Us now. We are a voice, yes? How much we have to share!

I believe it is difficult to avoid, so I'd like to bring up a discussion with you all about this global crisis we continue to endure, without raising hysterical or politically-motivated responses. I am not trying to scare or trigger any of you. I just want to hear your voices.

Does anyone else feel that things are out of place as of now? That perhaps it is not moving in the right direction? Do you have any idea what happened to our search engines, that makes finding a human answer instead of corporate programming so impossibly difficult? Even places like Reddit are full of automatons and political authoritative moderators who will ban a person for speaking out too loudly. I am flabbergasted and appalled by this deliberate attempt to bury information (and communication).

How are we going to reclaim freedom if we cannot access the realm of knowledge? How will we guide the youth to knowledge if we haven't had possession of it? Where do we go to reach honest answers anymore?

I weep for the Youth, who are too distracted to pay attention. For those closest to me who gave away their freedom for the feeling of comfort and safety. This life was not supposed to be easy!

May be the plant kingdom can shed light upon our dismal condition. May be we can be healed. May be it has nothing to do with wearing a mask, hand-washing, or vaccines at All.

I know I'm not alone in this. I will not give in.


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Oct 8, 2020
Yea I definitely hear ya. Not trying to be political but this is the democrats plan. Rewrite the constitution, take away free speech, take away guns, big media using censorship to block our voices, big media brainwashing, the election was stolen and there is no way in hell biden got 81 million votes. His own words is you can't run the government on executive orders or your a dictator. Well he we are. Joe has signed more executive orders in the history of this country and less than 100 days in office. Who's the dictator? The price of everything has gone up since this jack ass stole office. Now funny biden say Americans need to eat less red meat an miraculously now were having a shortage of meat and prices are skyrocketing. It won't end until they push this country into a socialism country having to rely on stimulus checks from the government because they will control everything. Cancel culture is another disturbing subject that is going to push this country into a civil war. This far left needs to keep going far left until they are off the map.


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Dec 10, 2020
Here's the thing about all that. First of all, neither governmental party has members that think farther than their own working years, and how will that retirement be. Government is filled with incompetence. There is no hidden agenda. Politicians aren't smart enough for that. Hamlin's razor is very suitable to this situation.

I think the bigger problem at hand is the societal divide in the US. It may be politically driven, but it isn't well thought out. Everybody is either pro- or anti- something and it's made the nation weak.

The real threat is the China/Russia alliance. This threat is real and it makes what you're discussing moot.

For over two decades, China has quietly put its own people in place within North America. Sleeper agents of a sort. People who are loyal to the core to the CCP.

For over two decades, China has quietly been building up their military might; from aircraft carrier killing missiles to EMP devices powerful enough to wipe out city power infrastructure, and everything in between. They do not showcase many of their real weapons of war for the world to see.

For over two decades, China has quietly bought up North American debt, and has done so through third-party aid. They aren't doing this to help America.

For more recent events, during the Trump administration, look how Trump applauded how smart Xi Jinping was, and the total ass kissing that was done. The trade war was a planned event. China knew it was coming a half year before there was even talk about it. China was prepared, and rerouted much of what was to be taxed upon import to America. They used influence in places like the DRC to move product into America without paying tariffs. In America, people lost their jobs.

There has been a large uptick in Chinese diplomatic aggression. They will not allow other nations to criticize them, at all.

Then we have the Hong Kong and Taiwan issues. China is very close to taking back Taiwan. They already took over Hong Kong.

There's a ton more, but this is a novel already.

I should add that I spent almost 7 years in Hong Kong, travelling throughout South East Asia. I've seen what's coming, and it isn't good.

Don't squabble about differences. Embrace the fact you live in a nation that tolerates and is supposed to celebrate the fact you may be pro- something and I am anti- something. If we are divided like we are, we're easy pickings for our enemies.

Ras Mountain

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Jul 9, 2020
I'm going to quote Ephesians 6:12 here.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

I'm quite sure Joe Biden is nothing more than an Icon. An imaginary figure really. And China is just another name. Our enemy has a thousand faces but none of them are human. My faith is not the Party. Or even the Nation. It's in We. It's Us. Each individual has tremendous potential if they are able to find the key. So many have learned to make life in the coop.

Freedom. Freedom is not given. It's Taken. We take and keep our Freedom when we reach maturity. That's Competence. That's Natural Law. If you don't overstand this then either you are as a child or in other words, not free.

To Government, we are considered incompetent children until we prove otherwise. Makes sense to me.

What's lacking is their failure to provide the means of ascendtion to their chattel. The ones with all the knowledge of Old want it for themselves and do everything in their power to distract, sedate, immobilize the masses with every imaginable device, to prevent anyone from finding their Power, their Voice. One powerful person can empower a village. All it takes is a village to survive.
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Ras Mountain

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Jul 9, 2020
This is all written from heart, and it resonates.

I'm not sure how we'll ever be rid of weapons. There's a balance to be kept no doubt. But sadly they already exist. So we're going to face the threat of annihilation if we aren't able to build a few of our own. It's one of the few key reasons we're not living in absolute unconscious servitude to tyrants.

What is a Lion without his claws?

Warfare is a physical and spiritual battle to be won. Do lean on the Spirit. And remember the body is a temple. šŸ™


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May 27, 2021
I know for a fact we have to form a direction from our own minds.Someone telling us to do this or that ,even if it works, we have no understanding why it worked.Understanding is what we need. We can give them(people ) knowledge,we can talk (Wisdom,as in your post) but we cant give someone understanding,that is something they (we) have to reach in our own minds,through knowledge and wisdom.

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Oct 7, 2018
I had in mind to write something on this thread and now I have some time to do it.

I take this as a chance to express my thoughts and feelings about global problems we have and to project a vision of world from my point of wiew and part of the world.

What I see in the big picture is that; nearly all people and other living things have become slaves and victims of cooperations pumped by hard capitalizm during last 2 centuries, managed by governments, protected by armies, laws and unending human desires we call culture and civilization.

What we have done to nature last 100 years is a nightmare come true and we are in the middle of it right now. Things we call production, comfort, power, income, debt, balance and whatever have taken us to a point of no return.
Global heating is our biggest problem and many of the people have no idea about it or just prefer ignoring in their comfort zone.
We need to stop doing many things immidiatly and very few of us is beware and in a struggle to change things.
Millions of people have already been effected by climate change and had to move leaving their lives behind. We cannot just wait beeing next in line.

We need to stop beeing blind and start informing ourselves on what we can do to help others trying to heal the world.

We need to join Greta and her friends to stop politics serving cooperations and cartels sucking our blood like vampires.

We need to stop using petrol products, plastics and all other poisonous material and have to change the whole economic system based on fuel oil and other toxic energy resources.

We need to drop our population and stop acting as if we are in a video game with endless resources and tokens.

We have to stop killing animals for our needs whatever they are. We dont need to eat them or take other benefits from the animals to survive and we are smart enough to find other ways.

We need to refuse the toxic food killing our soil and bodies and children. We need to grow our own food and share and spread the seeds all around.

We need to ban every single weapon on the planet and destroy them forever without hurting any living thing. We need to stop supporting weapon industry and governments carrying death and blood instead of democracy with lies, to the people of the "3rd world" and also their own people to continue their vicious circle.
We need to be humble and understand that we share this nature with other people and creatures and that we dont have the right to kill them and steal their sources.

We need to build a system of politics and governing working for people without people in it.

We dont need leaders, cheerers, manipulators, dictators, armies, divine stories and saviors to live a happy life. In fact life is much better and easier without these.

Yes, I am sorry but we need to stop capitalism before it destroys our world.
" Das Capital " wants only big, strong trees in the forest and doesn't care about the weak. Fire starts in the bushes but burns down the whole forest.

From a poem;

To live like a tree alone and free

and in brotherhood like the forests,

this yearning is ours...

This is what my inner voice is saying āœŒ
šŸ¤ You have to be Serious That Shit will never happen and dont take my Texas Steak and BBQ Away from me i am not a rabbit just vegetable eater yes i like a salad with my Steak and a big Baked Potato with lots of cow butter but no i like MEAT and will never give it up and my freezer is full of Venusian (DEER) or you could say BAMBI or Rudolph and Beef i am sorry but this is the way i live i am not Chinese and live on Rice and the pollution mostly comes from china humans are taking over the world look at china i just saw on the TV that parts of CHINA ARE BEING TAKEN OVER BY ELEPHANTS their is not much land left for animals and trees but one thing you have right is they need to clean up the brush what i can say it starts with yourself how much brush have you cleaned up lately their in your Country of Turkey and Guns every body needs firearms look back what happened to Natzi Germany they took the guns from the people and turned it into a communist nation here in the USA we have a second amendment THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS that is the real reason the USA is such a STRONG country i am sorry i broke your bubble but i am a red neck Texan sorry got to go cook my TACOS with Ground Beef as you can tell by now i am not a vegetarian and never will be but every one has their own opinion this is mine and that 2 finger peace sign has to go i only use 1 finger to all those tree huger that came from the fifty and sixty's it got them no place except in the homeless camps for they wont every thing given to them Remember GOD helps them that helps them selves . :mask:
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May 27, 2021
"i only use 1 finger to all those tree huger" that came from the fifty and sixty's it got them no place except in the homeless camps for they wont every thing given to them Remember GOD helps them that helps them selves" .

ahhh man that's funny, but true.