Question Which setup do you prefer?


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May 6, 2023
Ok. This week I dealt with soil gnats, and couldnt get humidty above 45%. Both are now dealt with. No more gnats, and I have the box staying right around 60%-65%, after adding an essential oil humidifier, which is great. Just water, no oils Temp staying at 74f-77f, with exhaust fan filter disconnected, and on low speed. 2 fans running inside, one directly on the SF 2000 at all times to keep temp down. Water is going in at 6.7-6.8ph, with 200ppm. Runoff is 5.5ph, and couldnt get the ppm. Will have to catch the runoff in a container next watering to get a level. But I think everything besides watering hopefully is in order.