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Wild genetics Plants grow/led cob 50w+sun/ biobizz


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So unfortunately im off this grow, cuz of unexpected moving outdoors for a week. They alive, but def look undeveloped because they just get maybe 6 hours of sun thats all. (( I'll grow them till end, by the way they just showed stigmas and one is male. So it is 30 days, i guess its ok for photos.
Now as i got my stuff ready to grow, with best conditions i had by now, i'll start a new grow with seeds i bought.(cronic,blueberry) I should create new thread i guess. See you there!
Looking forward to your new thread! Good luck with your grow 👍🌱
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which blueberry did you choose ?
cant beat some chronic. nice choices from the strain supermarket ?
sorry bro, i mean critical (not chronic)
I bought them from russian i think resellers, yes they kinda internet market with strains that are in past day in USA i think, as new generations of strains developed. So its just called - Blueberry without any adds. But their seeds are popping to fast, and for my first grows they did it good, always reaching, but im not to experienced so i stressed them but they did their best for sure.
Now i bought from same market and they popped in 7 hours. Now they're in pots already.
So have a great days with your plants!
Can't believe its time for me to grow! cuz i was waiting this seeds with 1 month shippin delay, so it is time!!!