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Pros: Massive yielder
Very large colas (wide and tall)
High calyx to leaf ratio (easy trim)
Very intense afghani flavour
Well priced seeds
Cons: None
Grown under 600w hps @ 37.5watts per square foot
Planted 5 in 15 litre pot and ended up with two females.
Both grew tall with very large top colas that required support, one pheno turned purple the other stayed green, both had identical bud structure and the same unmistakable intense flavour and aroma.
All round an easy and rewarding strain that would easily go toe to toe with some of the big names of today's scene.
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Pros: Perfect size
Even burn
Hands down my favourite papers, I thought I'd prefer the organic hemp ones but having tried both I prefer the burn and feel of these. Definitely my go to papers and if I'm travelling I take them with me :)
Pros: Easy to use. Consistent results
Cons: A bit pricey
This product is so simple to use. Herb comes out perfect every time. Helps to get the most potency possible. I would definitely buy again.
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Pros: Cheap
Handy size
Pollen Catcher
Perfect size for solo smoking
Cons: Probably not genuine raw
I bought one of these when I'd temporarily mislaid the lid to my space case grinder. The price (less than $10) and compact size appealed to me.
When it arrived I was at first concerned to see less holes for the ground herb to fall through than on the space case but found that this actually works well to ensure all the contents are evenly ground before dropping down onto the screen. It seems to fill with chrystals quickly in the bottom section which are always a nice treat.
All in all a great cheap grinder.
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