****AK47 grow from seeds from an incredibly strong bag of it ! ****

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  2. Info about AK47

    AK 47

    AK47 is a mix of Sativas and Indicas of Colombian and Mexican, and Thai and Afghan origins. This hybrid marijuana plant was first developed back in 1992, and it had modest success until 1999, when the strain was reworked by Serious Seeds into the quality cannabis plant people know and love today. AK 47 is one of the most awarded strains of marijuana available on the market, famous for winning 2nd place as Best Sativa at the 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup, and then in 2003 winning the 2nd best Indica. This easy to grow plant offers good yields, high THC content, and a distinctive, incredible high.

    Strain Description & Information
    The genetics of the AK 47 cannabis strain are 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. AK 47 looks like a Sativa – it’s of medium to tall height, it has the narrow leaves, and calyxes that will grow to be very fat and sticky. The buds are covered with orange or red hairs, and the resin production is quite formidable. AK 47 is one of the strongest smelling marijuana strains, so proper steps in smell-reduction should be taken if it’s grown indoors. AK 47 is a high yielder, as well, with a high bud to leaf ratio, which makes it a good strain for both commercial and non-commercial growing.
    Reviews & User Highlights
    AK 47’s smell and taste is often described as skunky, earthy, and pungent. The main effect of this cannabis strain is a strong head high, very quick to grab you and very slow when it comes to letting you go. Users can expect to feel happy and relaxed, to have great creative ideas, for two hours or so, before the body buzz – hello, Indica – starts to set in. People who use marijuana for medical purposes use AK 47 for pain relief, stress management, and to combat depression. The overall THC content of AK 47 is usually around 20%, making it a very potent cannabis strain.
    Grow Guide and Tips
    AK 47 is an easy plant to grow. It doesn’t have any predisposed weaknesses towards pests or fungi, and it’s easy to manage. The only problem people might encounter is the strong odor, which is the only reason why people who are new to indoor growing might try a more inconspicuous plant until they learn how to handle the smell. AK 47 grows equally well on soil and hydro. It produces very hard flowers, densely packed in large clusters, and because of its Indica heritage, is ready for picking in 60 to 65 days.
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    Ak is dank af will be following this for sure
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    from the description sounds awesome and from the looks of how many cups is in there your going to need a bigger setup
  6. I have only one AK47 plant at the moment the rest of the cups are chilli plants. I only got 2 seeds from the incredibly strong bag of AK47. One as in the picture and the next is on wet paper towel prob be ready to plant tomorrow.
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  8. Sisters The second bean did sprout vigorously! Both in coir within 48 hours. WhatsApp Image 2017-09-16 at 10.40.15.jpeg
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    That's great news :party::party::party: these are going to be very interesting :)
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  11. the AK47 the 2 seeds came from. Toxic , acrid , sour would be the best way to describe it. I wasnt going to let these seeds from the bud go missing without making some more of it seeds in future. I would always be happy to have this award winning hybrid in my stash jar. Im feeling very lucky both came up !

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