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Discussion in 'FC Members Chat & Introductions' started by RasGanesha, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    I just got back from San Francisco last night. I was there vending some of my flower and before leaving the dispensary i picked up some of their edibles.

    I picked up some really good gummy peach rings by FlavRx.

    Im a huge chocolate fan.. and these bars were delicious!

    And i found some CBD capsules produced by Cali Sift Co.. I picked up 10 X10mg 99%CBD capsules. :D

    Any recommended edibles??
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  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Organic Fanatic

    Hey @RasGanesha the kiva espresso dark chocolate looks amazing shame they don't ship to europe :yum
    Can't wait to hear your review of the cbd caps - bet they'd be great for relaxing in front of the tv watching a good film :cool:
    Sadly the market here is light years behind you guys so can't recommend anything edible wise.
    What I do like to do occasionally though is mix raw organic cacao powder (this stuff is amazing) with gold top milk, warm in a sauce pan with a few (quite a few) stems off of decent bud, not hard hitting by any means but tasty and relaxing :)
  3. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member


    I love edibles. I really cant describe how i feel right now. I ate all the gummys in one sitting and some of the chocolate bar lastnight. Then this morning i took a CBD cap with a few bowls and a bong load.. haha.. now im going to town to get supplies for the rest of the trellis hoops i need. Going to be a fun town run!
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