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Flush or not

Discussion in 'New Grower Questions' started by ukgrow, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. ukgrow

    ukgrow New Member

    Reading a lot of conflicting stuff about flushing so have a few questions

    When do I flush?
    Whats the point?
    Is it worth it?
    Do you flush? if not why

    Growing bubblegum under Led
  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Member

    Hi ukgrow :)

    When do I flush? People who flush do so around 2 weeks or so before harvest
    Whats the point? Flushing is done to leach out the chemicals in the soil and reduce the ferts to give a cleaner smoke and paler product
    Is it worth it? In organics no it isn't. If you're growing with artificial fertilisers then yes.
    Do you flush? if not why No I never flush but I grow ROLS (recyled organic living soil) and No Til

    Are you growing in dirt? and what ferts are you using on the girls?
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  3. BudMonster

    BudMonster New Member

    what Sunshine said. do flush if your not organic dont if you are
  4. ukgrow

    ukgrow New Member

    Thanks @Sunshine that's exactly what I wanted to know :)
  5. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha New Member

    that.. and if the ash isnt white .. or there is a pop when you are smoking it.. also means that there was no flush.
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