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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by growinnblowin, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. growinnblowin

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    like a couple of us lucky ones i received some free seeds from sunshine the fruit bowl and the indoor spice mix im only germinating one at the moment due to lack of matierials needed do to a lack of cash ive had a lil trouble getting it to germinate an my understanding a couple ppl are having trouble with this as well i put a lil LAB which is lacto acid bacillium in the water an put it on a seedling mat i think with this all you will need is a lil more time i believe they are still viable will just need a lil tlc to get going as i got mine to crack open last night after three or four days
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    Great to see you over here @growinnblowin :D
    Really good to hear your seeds arrived safely, can't wait to see them grow into dense sticky buds :heart_eyes:
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    inside rockwool scrog veg+bloom powder nutrient line with push an lab serum at the moment got a couple amendments to make to that when my cash flow gets better
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    I am also using l.a.b.... Also f.p.j... In compost mix for soil. Trying all organic for 1st time. Glad to see you posting here. I will follow this for sure.✌
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