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Got yellowing on one top leaf need help

Discussion in 'FC Members Chat & Introductions' started by Nate, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Nate

    Nate Active Member

    The yellowing just started within the last day I haven't done anything different. Been using the emerald harvest feeding schedule but have been using it lighter than recommended. The pics below are of the Maui and the unknown the Maui is looking fine and has been getting the same everything as the unknown.

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  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Organic Fanatic

    Hey @Nate the plant looks nice and bushy :)
    Your problem is that the feed is slightly hot for her, I'd lay of any food for the next two weeks and just give her plain water with 15% runoff also make sure you let her dry out almost completely until you next water :idea:
    Best guess would be the feed is a little hot and may have built up in the medium, also the leaves are telling me it's slightly over watered.
    What's in your soil mix? Does it have plenty of perlite? In the pics it's hard to tell :sun: