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Having trouble in flower stage

Discussion in 'New Grower Questions & Plant Problems' started by Bigghoss, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Bigghoss

    Bigghoss Guest

    Im a new grower hydroponics everything was going good until week 2 of flower now plant is all droopy dry crackly leaves and loosing leaves been using same mix of nutes 4 whole grow.
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  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Organic Fanatic

    Welcome to FC Bigghoss :) Sorry to hear about your problem.
    First thing to eliminate is a root problem, do they look okay ie healthy and white or have they got slime on them and going brown?
    Also what are the temps in your res? is the res light proof?
    How are the ph and ppm's?
    Don't worry we'll get you back on the right track! :)