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High vs Flavour

Discussion in 'FC Members Chat & Introductions' started by Midnight Toker, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Midnight Toker

    Midnight Toker Member

    Recently managed to obtain a decent quantity of greenery, the price was fair and the nugs very dense and incredibly well trimmed :party:

    Having done a few bowls and jays of this new "city weed" let's call it. I've found the high to be excellent, a real lose yourself in thought and freeze time kind of high, just what's needed after a long busy day rushed off your feet :heart_eyes:

    But here's the sticking point, the City Weed doesn't have a big flavour :broken_heart:

    Which leads me to ask you FC'ers, what's more important to you, high or flavour???
    gt1.JPG gt2.JPG gt3.JPG gt4.JPG
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  2. FerretWrangler

    FerretWrangler Every day I'm Wrangling

    Looks dank @Midnight Toker . I've had alot of different no name strands from different places that were similarly afflicted with underwhelming taste. I find I look for a balance, but really stinky tasty stuff gets me excited, like it's more of a treat. I guess as I only get "decent" bud that's seedless but not too spectacular around here, anything that can make itself known as unique i.e. taste/smell really does it for me.
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  3. Midnight Toker

    Midnight Toker Member

    Inclined to agree with you @FerretWrangler , there's definitely something special about that stinky, "smell it through the bag baby" kind of buds. Having said that, just finished work and settling in to a my first fatty of the night and its definitely hitting the desired spot. Maybe i'll have to crack a cold one to appease my tastebuds :)
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  4. Sunshine

    Sunshine Organic Fanatic

    Flavour and smell are slightly more important than the high for me as you can always smoke more :dizzy:
    Having said that, I was given a few buds recently by a friend as a gift and the flavour was pretty mild but the high was extremely enjoyable and sociable :)
    But yes, the stinkier and tastier the better :p
  5. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    ill go with the high.. im smoking to get high.. be it super high.. or mellow active high..
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