Hows the season going??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by RasGanesha, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    Hey guys/ girls,

    Thanks for having me a party of FC. How many of us are outdoor growers?

    Where are we all located as far as state or country?

    My AJ Sours just went into flower last week.. time for trellis!
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  2. ukgrow

    ukgrow New Member

    Hi there I had 2 bagseed outdoors but they both got eaten I think they were okay when I checked about 3 weeks ago but when I visited last week there was literally no trace :( AJ Sours sounds nice what is this strain can you show some pics of your outdoor
  3. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Hey @RasGanesha The weather is unpredictable for outdoor here but some people are getting very good results with certain strains :)
    I haven't done an outdoor for years but think I will give it a whirl next season if I can find some good spots ;)
    Have you tried any autos outside? :)
  4. BudMonster

    BudMonster Active Member

    hello @RasGanesha Ive nver been lucky outdoors would love to see how youve got on mate Europe here
  5. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    i havent tried any autos outside. i dont even know anyone who deals with them, even with indoor. i can post some pictures later. They just went into flower a few weeks ago. I have to get my trellis game on point too.. working a few more plants tonight when it cools off.

    what are you interested in seeing?
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  6. BudMonster

    BudMonster Active Member

    would love to see the trellis sounds well interesting and some pics of your outdoor girls dude
  7. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Ditto that @BudMonster, I'm super interested in the trellis growing too :D
  8. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    oh yeah.. for sure.. alright. :)

    The trellis is going alright. Its always a process with this shit. What I am doing now is the biggest ones and the ones that need it before the others. It is going every 18' of the plant. so every 18 there is trellis.

    Dep just finished.. now its time to bust ass..

    Whats new with you guys?

    Does anyone else live in CA?

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  9. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    @RasGanesha That is a monster :D
    Did she spend her whole life outdoors or do you start them inside?
    Would the branches collapse under their own weight without the trellis?
    How many months growth is that and how much do you reckon a girl like that will bring home :)
    Looking splendid, I'm jealous :imp:
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  10. BudMonster

    BudMonster Active Member

    that pic has me california dreamin wicked grow skills @RasGanesha
  11. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    Thanks guys..

    I bought her here in March and had them in a greenhouse for a few months with heaters and all of that. a makeshift greenhouse. made from a carport and some plastic. started them from clones and was in the ground with supplemental light starting in the first week of April

    Yeea, when the colas are as big as your arm, and we get heavy winds sometimes randomly, you need to support them.

    this pictures is from the other day. so like 6 months from clone. I hope she yields over 10

    These next few months will be some hard ass work.. to say the least.
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  12. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Great stuff @RasGanesha :D
    I hope you get a pound off of that one, she's a real beauty :)
    Hard to imagine the amount of trimming in store, do you do it mechanically or by hand?
    Also do you make concentrates from the lower buds/sugar leaf or just compost it :)
    Inspirational stuff :cool:
  13. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    just 1#??? haha.. my fulls are expected to average 5#per plant.
    I think i am going to machine the bottom 2/3 and hand trim the top 1/3. the trim goes to friends who do their thing with it.

    is anyone else on here outside?
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  14. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Lol My mistake, I thought you meant 10 ounces not 10 pounds. 10 pounds from 1 girl sounds absolutely incredible! :D
    I cannot wait to see her in full bloom, truly outstanding stuff @RasGanesha :heart_eyes:
  15. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    lol for sure.. me either..

    This is a pic of my back 14 plants.

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  16. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    What a site to behold :yum
    I could sit out there with a deck chair for literally hours on end just gazing at them :cool:
    Any chance of some trunk porn? I bet those stems are like beer cans :D
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  17. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    its humbling how you guys see this garden. I see it as so much work. Its really a challenge to sit in the garden and do nothing. Most of the time i spend in there is me working. If i am not in there, its because its too dang hot outside to be working. Most of my work is done before 11am and after 6pm.

    I just cleaned all the beds so i can add some chicken manure tomorrow. The plants are running out of N and turning yellow before I'd like... thats next.. :Do_O
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  18. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha Member

    ... drink coffee

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