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  1. Hi , as my name suggests , I collect seeds form my travels around the world. I have started some Jamaican seeds i got from when i lived there for a while. I got several different seeds and saved seeds from everything i scored and also bought bags of seeds from various growers on the Island. Im very excited to start these seeds as i had some wonderful smoke whilst i was there.

    Some Jamaican finger hash some buds that had an almost bubble gum kind of perfume. This was found in the mountains from open pollination. I have only one seed of that I have not started it yet. I have started 10 random ones from various bags a mix of ten most different looking size and shape seeds. DSC_0234[1].jpg
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  2. Here are the ten i have started today to germinate. I will be producing more seeds as of course these genetics have tor be reproduced.
    Note they of course are all very different shapes , colours and sizes !
    Well wish me luck .
    WhatsApp Image 2017-10-08 at 19.26.53.jpeg
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  3. DSC_0094[1] (1).jpg

    The chewing gum smelling and buds at the top. Excellent in milkshakes.6 g is an good amount in a milkshake !
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    Loving the look of those tasty jamaican sativa buds :heart_eyes:
    Cannot wait to see how these turn out. Subscribed!
  6. apologies 4 wow ! fingers crossed girls. WhatsApp Image 2017-10-10 at 22.55.37.jpeg
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    That's excellent @InternationalBeanSmuggler, hopefully a good sign of things to come!! I'm very interested to follow these :heart_eyes:
    Is this germination a mix of Jamaican strains or from 1 particular batch?
    These will need minimum veg for sure and some jedi lst but this is going to be fricking awesome :party:
  8. Hi . Yes im gonna flip these girls very soon. Im gonna probably do SOG first to get a few through fill the jars !
    Yes i made a mixture of one of each different bags of various mixes of Sativas from the Island of Jamaica.

    I wil do 12 Jamaican and 2 AK47 1 White widow and 1 Critical *the Critical tbh looks shite ! I have one last one so will put that in paper towel tomorrow.

    So i will need 16 pots in a space just 90 cm x 60 cm. Any suggestions Sunshine ? Also should i add another 300 W LED to up the harvest ? or even a 600W LED ?

    I just put them all in the coco plugs today as 7 of them had split ! The last three swelled and will be there in a few hours i guess !
    Very healthy beans indeed. I wanna get a crop through then make beans on the rejuvination time from everything.
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    SOG sounds great! The 1 x 1.5foot area should be plenty bright enough with the single 300w :cool:
    Hope you get lots of girls from the Jams :sun:
  10. Thanks i think as i have so many seeds SOG would be a fast way to identify great strains. As many as possible in that space almost minimum what size pot would you say ?
    Or im also thinking maybe for simplicity use hempy bags 11 L and cramming 8 in there.
    How would you go with it ?
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    8 hempy bags sounds like a good shout and lower maintenance too :sun:
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