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Need help, slow outdoor grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by FerretWrangler, Aug 11, 2017 at 6:30 PM.

  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/5Q7pa

    I was given this feminized girl when she was about 2 or 3 weeks old, from a friend who has grown for 40 years. I have had her in that pot for 3-4 weeks now.

    She is supposed to be super lemon haze crossed with some strong indica like aurora.(I was told, dunno if I believe that.)

    She's planted in "dead" organic potting soil, just old stuff I had some perrenials in last year and saved. I wasn't worried about it being dead because I have Botanicare pro for vegetative anyways.

    I don't give her much nutes because I don't wanna burn her, doing 1:1 mix with water and just graduated her to nutes twice a week, 5 or 6 tablespoons each time.

    She has a few stealth spots in the yard so I "Chase the sun" with her all day. She gets direct sun from about 8 to 5. Oh and I'm in central NC, humidity and heat stay fine, if not a little on the humid/hot side.

    Maybe she has Ph imbalance? Also, I'm aware her soil is low, my buddy has some soil he sprouted fava beans in recently and he says that makes it high in nitrogen, should I use?

    I fimmed 3 weeks ago, and topped a week and half or so ago. Also did some lst when she was young.

    Any tips for slowpoke girl?
  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Member

    Hey there @FerretWrangler :D
    It sounds to me like she needs a better soil mix (add perlite and vermiculite when you repot and get some decent compost). Your soil mix should look like this 60% peat based compost / 30% perlite / 10% vermiculite ;)
    What sized pot is she in? If it's small you may want to repot into good soil which will improve things massively.
    Basically your soil isn't ideal for the plant and needs changing but given you probably need to repot you can do this easily :)
    Have fun and let us know how you get on!
  3. Thanks for the reply! She's in a 3-4 gallon wide/shallow black bucket that I've perforated to death. Would a white 5 gallon bucket be better? And I'll definitely look into perlite, vermiculite, and peat. The old timer who gave it to me seemed kinda pushy about grabbing any old soil and any old bucket and letting nature run its course so I figured the used black soil and smallish bucket were ok, I also started really late so my expectations were low. SO time for me to stop being lazy and go buy some real soil I suppose.
    Thanks again @Sunshine I will definitely update when I get my s*** together.
  4. Sunshine

    Sunshine Member

    My pleasure @FerretWrangler :D
    Definitely worth investing in a decent soil ;)
    Cheap amendments I would recommend starting with would be Fish Blood and Bone Meal, Kelp, Dolomite Lime and Mycorrhiza.

    I couldn't open the images before but now I've had a look I'd say she doesn't look too bad at all.
    Tips would be to let the soil dry between watering's more, this will help the roots out a lot as over watering starves the roots of oxygen. The soil already appears to contain perlite so that's a good thing. Pot size isn't bad, it will last you through the grow if you're late in the season now.
    Be careful with the fertiliser and go easy, start at 1/4 strength of the recommended dose. Personally I prefer powdered amendments rather than liquids.
    Looking forward to seeing how she grows :) Good luck and happy growing!
  5. I'm glad you got to take a look! I knew she wasn't in dire straits or anything she's just got a chubby little stem, and not too much foliage!
    I'm happy I don't have to re pot her, a couple of roots are finding the holes in the bucket and starting to breathe well. I had some loamy soil I had composted that I mixed in this morning and it seemed to slow down drainage considerably so i scooped as much of it back out as fast as possible. I'll take it easy on the nutes, I gave her a sizable shot after a strong watering this morning, and I already see some growth :D But, you know how things go, clouds just rolled in and we have a drizzle going now.
    Oh well, I will get some composted peat moss and vermiculite tomorrow and get the trusty old bucket topped up.
    Thanks again, this kind of active help is what I relish. Cheers @Sunshine !
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  6. BudMonster

    BudMonster New Member

    hello @FerretWrangler how long you got until the days start getting shorter? hope you get some decent smoke from here any idea on the strain and is it female or unknown :)
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  7. About a month I think, it's feminized and was supposed to be super lemon haze but that can't be right because slh is a 7 leaf plant.
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  8. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha New Member

    how is this an outdoor grow? what is the plants final hole? are you keeping it in the pot? it doesnt look bad
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  9. ThC

    ThC Administrator Staff Member

    @RasGanesha I'm pretty sure he's growing it under the sun only hence outdoor mate ;)

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  10. RasGanesha

    RasGanesha New Member

    then id for sure get her out of that plastic pot and into a cloth smart pot.. as least.. with some good biology and water.. other than that.. the color looks great. just needs some more room i feel.

    but i dont know much :D
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  11. Thanks for the tips @RasGanesha , I got vermiculite and composted peat moss today like @Sunshine said, I was going to remix the soil, but if I'm going to do that do I need to pull it out of the pot anyways? I planted it so low in there, the roots may not have much room. I kinda only have plastic buckets right now, but I could transfer it to a white 5 gallon and wrap the outside in cloth to keep the sun off. I know to get holes in the bucket too btw.
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  12. Btw, thanks for moving my post to the correct category.
  13. I'm asking you too @Sunshine ! If I want to go ahead and fix my growing medium mix, should I totally re pot? Some growers on other forums say mixing soil around an already planted girl doesn't do much.
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  14. Sunshine

    Sunshine Member

    @ThC there's a problem with the colour of the quoted text background :confused:
    @FerretWrangler yes repotting is an excellent opportunity to improve both your mix and pot size :)
    You're on the right track ;) In the new medium she'll take off :D
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  15. Sweet! Thanks a ton, gonna go wash my old compost bucket out and jump on it!
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  16. Sunshine

    Sunshine Member

  17. Thanks for that! I'll see what I can do but I'm getting pretty tight on my budget.
    I just finished the transfer to the 5 gallon with the organic Canadian peat moss (composted) and perlite and vermiculite. Will post pics after shower.
  18. Sunshine

    Sunshine Member

    Excellent @FerretWrangler :D
    She'll love it in her new home ;) Water her in lightly and then the hard part.. do nothing until she dries out and starts to colonise the new medium :)
    Looking forward to the pics :)
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  19. I just got a single good one, gonna make a new post in a sec, as soon as I am done I'll give her a light watering!
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