New FC Media of the Month Competition Launched (MOTM)

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  1. ThC

    ThC Administrator Staff Member

    Good evening FC.

    I'm please to announce the launch of our very first MOTM (media of the month) competition, whereby you can visit the Media tab and vote for your favourite user gallery image.

    The competition runs from the 1st of the every Month through to the end of the month.

    Winners will receive a free packet of seeds courtesy of @Sunshine, who's kindness and generosity is well received.

    As always any feedback, questions or suggestions are welcomed.

    Please note you can only vote on media within the media gallery, unfortunately this does not include uploaded attachments.


  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Awesome work getting it sorted @ThC :party::party::party::party:
    Now who's pic shall I vote for ...:grinning:
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  3. BudMonster

    BudMonster Active Member

    dam good idea @ThC
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  4. Uncle_Al

    Uncle_Al Well-Known Member

    Vote for me your Uncle_Al
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  5. ThC

    ThC Administrator Staff Member

    Good evening @Uncle_Al.

    In order to be voted for your media must be uploaded to the gallery as that's where the voting takes place. Please see media tab on navigation bar.

    To upload media to your gallery, click media then click the add media button then create a gallery name. You can upload up to 12 files at a time to your gallery and the file limit is set at 25mb per file.

    If you encounter any issues please let me know.


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  6. Uncle_Al

    Uncle_Al Well-Known Member

    And don't forget to vote for my pics Uncle wants the prize
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