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Seed recommendation

Discussion in 'New Grower Questions & Plant Problems' started by Sticky, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Sticky

    Sticky New Member

    I'm looking to start a small percy grow in an old childrens wardrobe I got free and want to start of with a decent strain that ticks all the boxes:
    • 10 weeks flowering or less
    • smelly and tasty
    • dense buds
    • easy to grow
    • clones easy
    • not expensive to get the seeds
    What seeds do you guys recommend??
  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Organic Fanatic

    Hey @Sticky :)
    To be honest many strains fall into those categories which means lots of choices.
    Are you looking for feminized seed or you open to regular seeds?
    Off top I'd recommend a Skunk/Afghani hybrid like Super Skunk, or if you prefer something newer Cheese ticks all the boxes and is a real crowd pleaser. Beware though she stinks to high heaven :D
    Another one to consider is Aurora Indica from Nirvana, cheap but very very good indeed and can produce extremely large buds that really stink.
    Keep us posted on what you end up going for.
  3. Purpljack

    Purpljack Active Member

    Do you want a couch lock , or a energetic kinda trippy high? Different strains give different buzz. My personal fav. BUBBLEGUM... NOT CHEAP. Worth every pennie!. Up , energinic , can't wipe the smile off your face buzz!✌. They got strains out there that you can't. Move or talk for at least 4 hrs. BLACKBERRY TRAINWRECK .Affordable
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