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She's already showing improvement!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by FerretWrangler, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. FerretWrangler

    FerretWrangler Every day I'm Wrangling

    @Sunshine I've been reading stuff on reddit and a couple other forums, and I consistently see people advising led growers to lower lights. I often see 10-14 inches, or however low it can get without feeling uncomfortable on your hand if your hand is at plant level. Could it be beneficial in your opinion, to move it closer after she's healed up a little more?

    I've also been reading about light cycles, and I like the idea of 6/2. Here's an interesting article about it. http://blog.surna.com/a-62-light-schedule-could-increase-plant-growth

    If you think 6/2 Is unwise, what about 18/6? I've read that cannabis has a photoperiod of 18 hours, so any more light than that is harmless and/or wasted. I hate to have to ask and act like I'm second guessing you, I'm just constantly reading and I see lots of conflicting information. I even see threads where people insist 24/0 Is the best and the 18 hour photoperiod statement is untrue. It's a confusing realm, this is :neutral:
  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Organic Fanatic

    Lowering height of lights to a foot is fine under normal circumstances, I only move mine twice in a grow, at the end they are very close to the plants sometimes the tips of the buds are cm's from the light.
    While your girl is recovering I'd probably wait until next weekend then lower the light, she'll have enough roots by then to support any increased transpiration.

    18/6 works great and is considered the standard but the choice of cycle depends on timescales and individual circumstances :)
    If I want to veg quickly I use 24hours or 20/4, if time is no object or I'm away for a few weeks I use 18/6 or for example it was the height of summer and I wanted to turn off during peak heat hours to cool the grow and stop the temps going above ideal.
    Conversely if it was cold and I didn't want them to get down to below 18c with lights out I would go 22/2 or 24 to maintain temps.
    So IMO there is no right or wrong here just be logical and use whatever suits your circumstances, I'd keep it as simple as possible :sun:
  3. FerretWrangler

    FerretWrangler Every day I'm Wrangling

    Ok, I really wanted to try 6/2 but it's probably best I stick with what I know for this time :) next weekend I'll post up pics and we'll see if she's ready for a lower light.