When do i flower ???

Discussion in 'New Grower Questions' started by nuggy, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. nuggy

    nuggy New Member

    So I have 2 plants not sure if fem or male as they were from seeds I found in a bag of white widow.

    The plants are about 2 foot tall now and quite bushy how can i tell if i should flower them already or wait some more.

    I'm growing them under store bought leds that are about 14w each i have 5 in total in wardrobe. Experts please chime in and advise me I really need to stop buying weed asap.
  2. BudMonster

    BudMonster Active Member

    hello nuggy sounds like things are going well already mate. you probably wanna think about flipping to 12/12 now as the plants are gonna stretch a fair bit when theyre triggered to flower. if your lucky youll have two girls. see pic below to show how to tell the sex of the plant.

  3. Sunshine

    Sunshine Well-Known Member

    Exactly what @BudMonster said :)
    Be careful not to run out of head room in your grow area as they are likely to double in size in the coming weeks so flower now.
    Look into LST (low stress training) ;)
  4. nuggy

    nuggy New Member

    Oh man I really hope they're both girls.

    Thanks for the help will update soon to let you know how it's panned out :)
  5. Purpljack

    Purpljack Active Member

  6. Uncle_Al

    Uncle_Al Well-Known Member

    That is so emotionally wrong
  7. Uncle_Al

    Uncle_Al Well-Known Member

    What the others haven't said that will be more helpful is that when your plants reach the point that they have alternating nodes meaning not directly across from each other and instead going up every other one THEN the plant is ready to go into a 12/12 cycle
  8. Uncle_Al

    Uncle_Al Well-Known Member

    The LED lights are NOT going to do it either get some HID lighting, honestly I don't know how you got to two feet tall with them better post a picture download.jpg

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