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Question what are you smoking on right now?

Haha thanks dudes, I knew when I got that bud in my hand that IBS would want a pic. I think it's a cross of Master Kush and Blue Dream, but the second component could also be Purple Diesel. The taste is really quite sweet when cured right, almost like blueberries. As for the high, it varies, but newbie smokers usually get either a near-psychedelic high, or are rendered pretty much comatose. For the seasoned smoker, it's one of those rare highs that is both mentally uplifting and physically relaxing.
@Wylde Bobb the coffee diesel looks really tasty! What's the background on that one and what's the taste and high like?
The taste is surprisingly sweet. I definitely expected more of a terpene-heavy diesely taste, but it didn't turn out that way at all. Very smooth smoker, almost on par with my purps. The high is VERY energetic and euphoric. Great for video games or if you have a project that needs working on, but not so great for study or relaxation.


Every day I'm Wrangling

My cheap plug forgot to tell me the name but i know it well :^) i guess his cousin is still cloning that OG Kush strain he claimed this was? I honestly don't trust these guys to be truthful with strain names but it definitely has that og taste. Its sadly really harsh :( It sure is appetite inducing though and it seems to have more of a heady type of high.