Looking for a few good testers


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Aug 23, 2021
I have never grown an auto. I'd be happy to throw some down in the spring time if you'd like to see how they do outdoor.
Sure! Of course they only got to about 4' in my tent, still pulled more than 2k good seeds per plant, but who knows outside! I'll get a package together for you.

And my next seed run is already pushing out of the seedling stage. Hopefully I can keep the males in veg a couple weeks past the girls.


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Nov 20, 2023
Nope, not looking for tester beans. I'm looking for a few people to grow out a couple seeds I'm making. I'm just in the pollination phase right now so they won't be ready for 6 weeks(ish). It is a self pollinated(femmed) "Fro-yo" Auto by G13Labs. I only had one seed so very little variation is expected. Simultaneously, I'm crossing "Fro-yo" to "Blueberry" from our own @Canna-Chris, but it doesn't look like he's still hanging around. I hope all is well for you brother.

There is one other plant in the tent also, it is a "GSC x Black Cream" that I've taken to calling "Bruised Scout". She looks great with a sativa leaning structure, but when starting out she grew half jacked up. I trimmed the is growth leaves and branches and she's back to a more "normal" growth pattern.

Pollination officially started 3 days ago and the pollen branches have till thus Thursday night to throw everything they can, then they get cut off, trimmed up and left to hang over some foil to collect her pollen for later use. If I have enough and someone is interested i could probably send some pollen also. All of them are autos and I'll get some pics up later today
Id be happy to grow ur aeed i been growing now over 28years juat moved indoor holler at me u need grlowers


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Aug 23, 2021
Id be happy to grow ur aeed i been growing now over 28years juat moved indoor holler at me u need grlowers
Well, once you can see a little envelope at the end of my name, drop me a DM. I literally have a couple thousand to share.

Hang out and interact and you'll lose your "new member" status fairly quickly. Then DM will be an option for you.


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Oct 7, 2018
It's not difficult. I mix my own STS, and start treatment within 2 days of the start of flower.
1.6g of Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate to 100ml distilled water,
1.7g Silver Nitrate to 100 ml distilled water.
Mix at 4:1 ratio (80ml STP to 20ml SN) makes a potent STS solution.
Select your branches to be treated (I use lower branches) and bag the rest of the plant using a trash bag a.k.a. plant condom (pic).
Mark your treated branches somehow(i just looped a piece of pipe cleaner around the first node of the treated branch(s).
Spray liberally with a fine mist till dripping(cover top of soil, the drips can mess with the soil) focusing on the bud sites.
Let dry completely (or it WILL burn your girls)
RE apply minimum every 5 days. For at least 3 applications. I have decent success at 4 treatments every 4 days (spray day is day 1). Usually by the 4th treatment sacs are evident. I'll see if I can get better pics on the next one.
100% DO NOT try to consume the treated branches. Aside from them being sacs vs flower vulcanizing STS can become toxic. STS does not appear to be mobile within the plant otherwise your whole plant would flip for pollen. With the STS not spreading within the plant, the rest of it is consumable. I've smoked the untreated part of all of my reversals, to no, apparent, ill effect This is my 4th or 5th Reversal with about a dozen or so lined up for their turn, after my next project, which is not quite what i had already planned.

I would recommend against using Colloidal Silver for autos. CS must be applied 3-4 times a day for 3 weeks, and autos just don't have the spare time. I was pretty sure I saw sacs at day 12 but not positive, day 16 there was no denying.

I don't have specific day to start treatment, normally I start about a week after they start to show, what I call "Budset". You will get some female flowers in the male clusters to start but as long as your application is thorough they will stop growing and shrivel.

Ooh! Do I have any pics of my first one? Give me a minute I have to go 2200 pics back in time.
🤠Dont believe him he has been working very hard to be able to do what he is doing today i believe many years to develope what he can do now i Admire my friend Joheim very much for what he can do. 🧙‍♂️


Oct 1, 2023
Hey there Joheim, was not able to do these justice....but....here are a couple pics of the freebies you sent Me!! THX bro


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Aug 23, 2021
Hey there Joheim, was not able to do these justice....but....here are a couple pics of the freebies you sent Me!! THX bro
Go easier on yourself, she looks fine. I send you all 3 right Blueberry Froyo, Froyo S1 and Scoutcicle right? If not, I'm sorry and throw me your addy again in the DMs and I'll make sure you have all 3.

Mango Smile is looking like my first fem fail. She's just not throwing sacs.