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Organic Sunshines Mixed Strain Grow


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Main cola of the SSFB
Some secondary buds in these 2 pics, this plant wasn't pinched just bent slightly. It has a nice growth pattern with most of the side branches becoming tops themselves and reaching a similar canopy level to the terminal cola.
Here's are some upskirt pics of the nodes, you can see the little buds growing.


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Group shot taken yesterday evening :)
The tall ones have been supercropped and bent over to keep them within the effective light area. I'm not concerned about the undergrowth, this is for the next crop that will come through very quickly ;)
After harvest the lower portion of the plant will get 20 days+/- of 22-24 hours light per day and then reflipped. This second harvest will provide at least as large a crop as the first run, typically significantly more :sun:
Do you mind explaining how to do this?