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Question what are you smoking on right now?

The Nordes bud looks good! 👍
Its a nice easy to grow strain she also pulled through yet being in that dire cheap supermarket soil that it seems all plants just HATE.cheaper to pay out for the bio bizz than waste electric. sadly could of got much more from her. I have a whole bunch of Nordes in a pot about 5 together revegging. will split them up . This a SOG plant so a great plant to pop in tight spaces. I imagine if you lolli popped her shed work best in a mixed grow room. going for that top main cola.

she wasnt vegged for long enough either but quickly belted through . 8 weeks.
How's the flavour and high? I just read the strain description, sounds like a good all rounder 🙂
it gets you lit. immediate high unsmissable cow pat skunk smell when burning smells like 90s UK skunk..
easy to groew very forgiving strain. again wish id treated her better. luck would have it im vegging 5 nordes now in a pot.
will spread them out and chuck them in the corner one by one over the weeks id like to pull a lollipop of this every couple of weeks.
im thinking maybe corner hangers for pots. like a hanging basket.
lashed neatly at an angle . every corner like 4 hanging baskets ?
this could mean they wont affect the others as an extra bit of dank for sundays- skunk day.
Sounds great! :)
For the nordes you could maybe sandwich 2/3 litre bottles in the gaps between the cloth pots if there's space?
now your talking . i will start saving bottles for this. put one in each week easy extra in the garden.
a few clay pebbles in the bottom. sounds fit for the purpose - thanks good call..

at least then i can pull something each week then alongside of the main crop..
That sounds like a very nice cross, can't wait to see some grown out 🌱
im thinking put. one in every other week of the nordes cross. one week pure nordes next jamaican winds the Nordes cross x Jamaican.
Be interesting to see what effect it has on the Jamaican leaning plants flowers... also the other way how will the Nordes flowers react.

one thing upon reflection i noted between Jamican no.1 the pe leg and the duff Jamaican no. 2 the no.2 smelt rubbish like hay.

Jamaican 1 aka Peg leg was like tropical fruit juice. i believe terpen smell is an easy first sign if the Jams are dope or dud so far

i know that sounds obvious but the Nordes had little smell while growing. however kindly take care when drying / curing and smoking it stinks of skunk , unmistakable smell..