Question what are you smoking on right now?


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yep ditto GG LOOKS AMAZING. great job. whats the taste like ? looks supa dank matey. love your grows.
enjoy your taster.
Thanks man it's been difficult waiting on it to dry! I'm really excited to see how the buds still attached to the plants come out after seeing how this turned out.

Right now it's uncured so the taste isn't as strong as I expect it to be in the future.

It tastes like it's mother and aunts but the smoke isn't as cloying. I get pine, ocean, and kush tastes mostly but something about it is light and bubbly at the same time almost like a diet cola or a Dr pepper.


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The peg leg sounds very interesting!
The pics of the jamaican are reminiscent of some stuff I got in the carribean a few years back - which reminds me; I've still got several small bags of landrace seeds from that island which aren't getting any fresher.
If you're interested I'd be happy to send you some to play with (let me know), I'd much rather see them grown out than have them going stale in my fridge and it'd be interesting to see how they compare to the jamaican. The taste was nice and spicy like the old african weed we used to get and had a very motivational high that made you want to go out and do loads in a day, high energy weed for sure.
I'm sure I can find a pic of it on my drive somewhere, will dig some out.
The jamaican lemon haze cross sounds exciting, can't wait to see it flowered out!
i definitely would LOVE to have them . i will reproduce them for you and send you a fresh lot of everything to the vault.
please send them great ! also any old beans you think you wont run but would like reproduced shame to let any old strains get lost.
ohh yes.... im excited to get this .. great.
it is very similiar to African . and similiar to other landraces. that prehistoric look.
i honestly think one day i will find something natural thats pure fire after all the lambs breath was a legendary find at 20 %.
is it possible to get the Jamaican peg leg in the strainbase online i wonder as a breeder under my name from FC ?
It really is so deliciously lavender i believe youd like it. BUT....
horrid plant in terms of yield and stature. a bit all over the place but what a true pleasure to grow. not knowing wtf is gonna happen next.

did this landrace have a name ?


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Not sure about the strainbase, the old OG one is legacy (no longer updated just old info). Maybe one day @ThC will add a strainbase type review/catalogue to FC?
The landrace was outdoor grown island domestic weed, no name just straight domestic landrace, there are no stripes at all on the seeds. They seemed confused that I didn't want to buy cheese from them, I explained I had jars on jars of cheese at home and I specifically wanted the true landrace we went for a drive and after much haggling got the real deal.
Pretty much all of the (non commercial) weed on the island tasted the same but some was cured better than others and some more seeded but I'm fairly certain given the size of the place and the fact it tasted the same that it was from the same gene pool.