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  1. Sunshine

    Organic BOG Seeds Grape Punch grow

    New grow, old seeds. Time for a little variety 🍬 Usual gig, rols, organic low-fi growing 🌞 This pack was chosen for this (next) run due to potency, fast flowering time (6-7 weeks) and the fact I've always wanted to grow out some of bogs gear but never got round to it for whatever reason, too...
  2. Fruitwreck


    shot from the underneath
  3. Fruitwreck cuts

    Fruitwreck cuts

    stretch almost over
  4. Fruitwreck cuts

    Fruitwreck cuts

    stretch almost over
  5. Fruitwreck cuts

    Fruitwreck cuts

    Almost ready to flip, they've boosted since the dry out and drench.
  6. FerretWrangler

    Organic recycled soil grow-Ibs Nordes scrog

    I decided against buying a new light, and I'm simply going to cut the hvac down to size to make my inline fan more efficient, and use the saved money to get another or a new air conditioner. This way I can keep me, the plant, and the ferrets cooler. The screen is pretty lackluster but its a...
  7. Sunshine

    Organic Sunshines Mixed Strain Grow 2.0 feat Top Dawg, Red Dragon, FruitWreck & Sweet Tooth #3

    This grow we'll be following the revegged FruitWreck and some exciting new additions from Barneys Farm namely Top Dawg & Red Dragon. I'll also be adding another strain to the grow in the next couple of days and will update with what I finally choose for the final spot :) *Edit to add - selected...
  8. 420boss

    Organic Cinderella 99 aka c99

    hey fc crew back with some c99 bud pics peace cinderella99 aka c99 by 420boss posted Apr 1, 2018 at 8:42 PM
  9. Sunshine

    Organic Sunshines LED Reveg SCROG

    I dropped the screen on the revegging girls today so thought it would make sense to start a new thread to document the scrog. Strains are FruitBowl x Trainwreck and FruitBowl x SuperSkunk, they've been flowered out once and are revegging, the soil's been recharged with Fish Blood and Bone (top...
  10. FerretWrangler

    New start GG#4 and Pineapple

    I purchased some fox farms ocean forest, mykos, and four 5-gal cloth pots today! I will also be getting the freebie tent soon. On top of that I'm well known by the store manager at my local gardening store, and he's moving out some old tents so in two weeks I'll be purchasing his "personal"...
  11. ThC

    The Definitive Guide To Growing Organic Marijuana

    The growing concerns of choosing organic produce are valid. Plants that are modified to resist pesicides, then drenched in them, because it is less time consuming and more cost effective than detailed care. The results are increased pollution, decreasednutritional value, and harms to the human...
  12. ThC

    TLO : True Living Organics 2017-11-17

    Resource pdf attached.
  13. ThC

    Subcool’s Super Soil – Improved !

    Subcool’s super soil is the most popular soil recipe used for the last 20 years but there are now variations on that recipe. Subcool’s super soil is still the first choice of super soil for many organic growers. Subcool’s Super Soil Recipe Improved, Large Batch : 8 ten gallon bags of high...
  14. Sunshine

    Compost Tea

    6 Good Reasons to Use Compost Tea Increases plant growth It is chock full of nutrients and minerals that give greener leaves, bigger and brighter blooms, and increased size and yield of vegetables. Provides nutrients to plants and soil...
  15. Purpljack

    Spicy grow!

    You could probably smoke it, but?.IMG_20170831_212107 by Purpljack posted Aug 31, 2017 at 10:19 PM IMG_20170831_212103 by Purpljack posted Aug 31, 2017 at 10:19 PM Didn't give'm luv & care like beans. Dryed 2 days, 4 holes /pot. I'm afraid if i show all my love they'll be to hot! Anybody else...
  16. Purpljack

    Jack What?

    I bought (as advertized) some Jack Herer(purplepheno). Not a x. Anybody heard of it. Grew it?????Zcamera-20170831_214346 by Purpljack posted Aug 31, 2017 at 9:57 PM - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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