Question what are you smoking on right now?


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Looks like some nice dense flower!!!! What's the taste and high like on the Tahoe? :)
What did you think of the blue cheese? I grew the g13labs version of it out a few years back and really liked it! Good yield and great flavour.
They are both very unique! The Tahoe smells almost shockingly floral, but has a hearty taste. My gf says it reminds her of homemade bread and butter pickles. It has a decent couchlock high.

The blue cheese is fruity and creamy but the fruit tastes a little tropical rather than like a blueberry. The high is pretty spacey from what I've experienced so far. This is the one I prefer.

Neither are very good at pain relief.


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The Banana looks very nice! What's it taste like? I'm guessing it's very potent?
Re fruitwreck thanks! The superbowl is similar high quality :)
I'll hopefully make some FruitWreck x Sweet Tooth#3 seeds before the end of the year (with any luck), then test and bx to the FW and see from there ;)
Its got an immediate stink to the buds ... that stanky
of toxicity that tells you ... hello.. straight away.
sadly its a tall sativa little to no side branching large internodal spacing and yields little. but what it does is great. however i found a very different banana... it smells like marzipan... incredible. its indica fuck knows why this ones different but the dank smells boutique . its NOT a banana ordinary pheno. im very keen to get her in the jar.
this is the very best thing so far ... in terms of quality. ive seen come through this grow. its exceptional thats for sure.
will take some pics later.


Every day I'm Wrangling
Very nice @FerretWrangler and congratulations :party::party::party:
She looks like nice and frosty, well done enjoy it :)
Thanks @Sunshine, though I'm sure it won't hold a candle to the fully matured flower I still enjoy it. It tastes piney and like an og, and it does have a decent high that comes in hard and fast. It's definitely smoother than anything I can buy! I had a joint of it that made my fingers and lips sticky like I was smoking syrup. The rest will be in a jar until it's cured a bit.
loving the hardcore trimmers.

again stellar... i have a lot of faith in this community coming up with a winner.
IF there are any others that feel the same i hope they send extra special strong seeds into FC.
because i believe we can all come up with a winner i will support this by sending in some of all my seeds to the FC
vault for storage.
the chiquita banana is very special.